More than 438,000 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine have been administered in Dunhuang

2022-04-23 0 By

Since the launch of novel Coronavirus vaccination for people over 3 years old in Dunhuang City, all relevant departments and units have attached great importance to it, and the public has actively cooperated with us, so the vaccination work has been carried out in an orderly manner.By 9 o ‘clock on February 18, a total of 438161 doses of Novel coronavirus vaccine had been inoculated in the city.Among them, 32049 doses were given to people aged 3-11, 12,160 doses to people aged 12-14, 12,272 doses to people aged 15-17, and 381,680 doses to people aged 18 and above.Recently, journalists observed in the Dunhuang City Community Health Service Center and other Novel coronavirus vaccination sites that people who had come for vaccination wore masks, strictly followed the standard procedures of epidemic prevention and control, and went into the inoculation room for orderly vaccination after temperature measurement and registration. Most of the people on site were coming for the third dose of Novel Coronavirus vaccine.It is reported that according to the immunization planning platform of Gansu Province, as of 9 o ‘clock on February 18, 109,073 people qualified for enhanced immunization in Dunhuang city have completed enhanced immunization of 76,181 people, with a completion rate of 69.84%.