Snow again in Guangzhou after 6 years?Solve crimes!

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Is it snowing again in Guangzhou after 6 years?”About the 2016 Guangzhou Snowman was suddenly cue this matter” these two days # Guangzhou snow # even on weibo hot search and some neighborhoods seem to really shot the video of sleet, do you like it?So is it really snowing in Guangzhou?According to the Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory recently, information about snow forecast in Guangzhou displayed on various weather apps is not released by the Guangzhou meteorological department.The public can choose “Guangzhou Weather” official weibo wechat, Fun micro weather mini program, bell closure APP and other channels to obtain the authoritative weather forecast in Guangzhou.Meteorological detection data show that there are solid precipitation particles (ice crystals, graupel, small ice particles) 1 km above Guangzhou, but the conventional meteorological observation did not observe the solid precipitation down to the ground.At present, the authenticity of the snow video posted online needs to be further verified. It may be shot in a mountainous area with a high altitude, or special effects such as slow speed and special Angle may be adopted to shoot the precipitation as snow.It is expected that the rainy and cold weather will continue in Guangzhou from 20th to 22nd. The meteorological department of Guangzhou will encrypt monitoring, forecast and early warning, and do a good job in the forecast service of this strong cold air.❄ when will cold weather like this end?On February 23, the rain gradually stopped in Guangzhou during the day. On February 23-26, the temperature gradually warms up to about 20℃. According to the late climate forecast, by the middle of March, there will be no strong cold air effect.In other words, the current wave of cold and wet weather is likely to be the down jacket’s “last fight” this winter.After the cold rain, Guangzhou will usher in the warm spring weather.❄ Why was there a long period of cold weather in Guangzhou in February 2022?Wang Hua, chief expert of Guangdong Provincial Climate Center, explained that the Equatorial Middle East Pacific SST is in La Nina state, which can easily lead to severe cold. The temperature in February is a typical performance under the influence of La Nina SST background.La Nina can make the global climate significantly abnormal.Qingyuan and can’t see the snow but guangdong shaoguan snowing while guangzhou to snow in some places but this is still a familiar planetesimals town qingyuan qingyuan and shaoguan even states tam hill reservoir snow from guangdong see chan quick-frozen qingyuan 19 morning cold alpine region air temperature is below 0 ℃ road, lakeside, roof are after a layer of white snow on the branches are also full of glittering and translucent get rid of BingGua shaoguan joyChang, milk source county bridge new valley village and chong village appeared the rime finally teach you a trick to know whether there is really in the snow in the window to hold an umbrella to see what fell on the umbrella is rain is snow at a glance!Source: China Guangzhou issued comprehensive from Guangdong weather, Guangzhou weather, Guangzhou Daily, south +, Shaoguan weather, Qingyuan weather, Foshan issued