Winter wild fish crucian carp, wine rice effect than feed particles?Are you using the right method

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The nest material commonly used by wild carp is wine rice, and the method of making wine rice is very simple.Generally with millet, wheat grain and other small grains as raw materials, and then combined with a higher concentration of qu wine and small medicine, it became the familiar wine rice.According to this method to make wine rice, strong fragrance, carp has a strong attraction.However, many fishermen do not like to use wine and rice to make nests.Because they didn’t know how to make a nest with good wine rice, they thought that wine rice nest material was not as good as grain nest material.In fact, as long as you choose the right wine rice and pay attention to the nesting skills of wine rice, the advantages of wine rice nesting materials are superior.Many fishermen dislike the trouble of making their own wine and rice and prefer to buy ready-made wine and rice.However, there are so many kinds of wine rice on the market that it is not easy to distinguish between them, and vitta rice and wine rice are the most confusing.These two nest materials can catch carp, raw materials are millet.So, a lot of anglers will recognize weetabix as wine rice.When you buy wine and rice, always smell it.Vitamie and wine rice taste different, you can smell it.It’s not real wine rice, and it’s not as effective.If you really don’t know how to tell the difference between wine rice and weetabix, make your own.Homemade rice is cheap and easy to use.02 making wine rice skills first prepare millet 500 grams, if you want to catch carp, then add some rice or wheat in millet.If you just want to fish carp, millet can be used.In addition, it is necessary to prepare about 50 degrees of qu wine, small bottles of crucian carp and a little honey.When the materials are ready, the work begins.Take a wok first, pour the wine and rice in the wok and stir-fry until the skin is slightly yellow.But don’t burn the rice and wine.Of course, you can skip this step.However, the effect is not as good as fried rice wine.Then place the cooked or uncooked rice in a container, such as an empty water bottle.Then the millet, qu wine, niubi crucian carp water, honey into, stir evenly, sealed for two days can be used.It should be noted that the amount of wine should not be too large, less than half of the millet.Also, millet is easy to expand after absorbing water, so when bottling, you need to leave some space.Many anglers believe that when the wine and rice are well made, they just need to make nests at will.Actually, this is a myth.Unlike other nesting materials, only a small amount of wine and rice is needed for nesting.I made my own wine and rice. It’s all real.You sprinkle a small handful or two, and you get a great crease.This is because the taste of fermented rice is very strong.Even a small amount of wine and rice can exude a strong taste when it is put into the water.If you have too much wine rice, it will taste even better in the water.And too much taste will let carp away, then you hit the nest into a dead nest.This is a mistake often made by many anglers.In short, the principle of using wine rice nest is a small number of times, not too much.Conclusion: catch carp, with wine rice nest effect is the best.If you think that the nesting effect of wine and rice is not good, then think about whether there is something wrong with the production process of your wine and rice, or when nesting, you did not pay attention to the nesting skills, resulting in the phenomenon of dead nesting.If you’re buying wine rice, check to see if you’re buying victa rice or real wine rice.