After watching the Chengdu Spring Festival Gala, I decided to walk out of tianfu Fifth Street

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CCTV Spring Festival Gala residual heat is not gone, online and offline dinner and dinner discussion has a lot of, I take time to say to my surprise place Spring Festival Gala.This year’s Spring Festival is the first to be celebrated locally in Chengdu.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, I had a phone call with my family and was ready to go out for a walk. When I was shopping in the grocery store, I heard some children singing the divine song “Love you at 105℃”.The boss is also a person guarding the store, said that this is chengdu Spring Festival Gala, greeted me to watch, I was interested in the lack of, did not expect to see the more excited.Local Spring Festival Gala competition has always been not small, every place is ready to “serve special dishes”, this year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala also won a vote of praise for its exquisite presentation of traditional culture, it broke through the cultural circle, while the Chengdu Spring Festival Gala is more like an out-of-shape and heart-going ceremony, breaking through the emotional circle, harvest is the hearts of people.With the whole city as the stage and background, after leaving the studio, the Gala really extended out more possibilities.This has always been my expectation for the Spring Festival Gala, but I did not expect to be ranked first by the Chengdu Spring Festival Gala.My attention was firmly attracted from the moment the flight landed in Chengdu in the sitcom. The natural transition between scenes, the interesting plot arrangement, the exquisite filming level, and the main form of immersive interactive scene performance with city landmarks as large real scenes were rare in the previous Spring Festival Gala.Chengdu Spring Festival Gala is full of highlights in program creativity, scene design, plot arrangement and shooting techniques. The integration of tradition and trendy culture also shows a city’s care for everyone, full of sincerity.After returning home, I invited my family, who were thousands of miles away, to watch the whole Chengdu Spring Festival Gala together. I was moved and filled with emotion.I am to make a game, the first time south, because of “king” public praise attracted to come, in high-rise buildings “996” for a year, in addition to tianfu five street what snack bar I door clear, many aspects of this city I still have no way to understand.See the first scene tianfu International Airport, my eyes immediately red, if this year home, or family can come here for the New Year, I should be one of the singing “congratulations on your wealth”.I told grandma that the new airport just opened this year, isn’t it beautiful?I will definitely pick you up to come to Chengdu after this busy period.The Chengdu Spring Festival Gala will feature “Chengdu”, but this time it will not be Zhao Lei, but the symphony orchestra on Danjing Stage.The Chengdu Spring Festival Gala is not the first to move the band outdoors, but I know that Longquan Mountain has always been known as the “city meeting room”, and Danjingtai happens to be the “eye of the city”. When this familiar tune is sounded here, it seems to say to me that you are welcome to celebrate the Spring Festival in Chengdu.Family holding hands beside the IFS that pandas singing, light in the picture is very sweet, this is the reunion, perhaps, the future I will also establish a family here, have a belong to my happiness, walk every show heart, also has a romantic warmth, this is chengdu people’s sensibility, now I also have a few minutes.The language programs that integrate the elements of the three countries are quite interesting, but the scene chosen (it seems to be in Tietongsi Temple) and the state of the audience are even more attractive to me. This is the “Bashi” where people drink tea and watch dramas in Chengdu. Maybe in the New Year, I should try to see the life of “fast and slow”.My father exclaimed in the video when he saw The appearance of Chun Bai-hye. The goddess of childhood is also drinking coffee in the city where your son lives. Do you think it is good here?My mother nodded repeatedly, my father laughed, a Spring Festival Gala, let me and my family in another way “reunion”, I thank this program, thank the city from the bottom of my heart.”Shi Feng · Set storm” this program is also very good-looking, the gentleman is like jade, shi Feng Confucian and elegant, poets praise Chengdu, also reminds me of a poem of Su Shi: “Lingnan should not be good, but the way, this peace of mind is my hometown.My hometown will be full of snow in winter, looking forward to a white, it is a kind of beauty.While in Chengdu, you can open the window to see the snow-capped mountains and open the door to see the green trees, which is another kind of beauty. This is destined to be my second hometown.Dreams have no size, no order.It should be admitted that local Spring Festival Gala has limited resources and conditions, so it still needs more time to undergo transformation and complete the reform of the old.After breaking and standing, xiao Yu freshmen, Chengdu Taiwan to fine to sincere move people, redefine the play of the Spring Festival Gala.Deeply shocked, I also decided to say goodbye to my past self and try to change and challenge, at least the days of not walking out of tianfu five streets should be over.I haven’t decided what I want to do in the New Year, but at least I want to clock in all the landmarks in the Spring Festival Gala, this must be in my plan, haha.