Chunyan divorce: love at first sight marriage, may not be able to spend a happy marriage

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The estrangement between the middle-aged husband and wife in “The World”, as well as being polished by life has already lost the passion, in the dull years, the day over the more feel no zi no taste.Because cao Debao’s father died, he used up his savings for many years and borrowed a lot of foreign debt.Chunyan wanted debao’s mother to return to the countryside with his two aunts, good debao’s mother’s house rented out to earn money, good debt.Cao Debao can take this as a reason to divorce with Chunyan, their middle-aged husband and wife, not only no money, no love.Debao in bingkun hotel back to chunyan of that sentence: have no feelings, I still stem that matter, I am a dog!How true and how cruel.It is no longer as sweet as it was when they fell in love at first sight. Middle-aged couples have no money and no love, and the only thing left is hatred between them.Debao and Chunyan made a lifelong commitment to the harmonica. Although chunyan was careful, debao also had a knack of falling in love at first sight.Debao and Chunyan were among their buddies. Chunyan was the first to live in a building with a separate bathroom and kitchen because she was a model in the city.They had a big, fat boy and they were doing well.But with the trivial marriage life, Chunyan with Bingkun said, as a veteran to advise you: love is very beautiful, marriage is very distressed, when there is a chance to choose, must be careful.Because right now Chunyan has just miscarried, the father of debao in the home is in hospital, because there is no money in the factory, medical expenses cannot be reimbursed all the time, Chunyan and Debao get angry, Debao comes off work, but also to sell coolies to earn money to pay debts.Poor couples are sad, chunyan’s love dream is defeated by reality.As the number of family members increases, the income cannot keep up with the expenditure, and conflicts between the couple arise.At a party, Debo was overtaken and asked, “Where’s your harmonica?”Deb said, what harmonica?I don’t know.Love at first sight marriage, really do not necessarily have a happy ending.The triviality of life, a miscellaneous miscellaneous, already love in the wind, flowers, snow and moon polished.”Jin Fen old family” the Jin Yanxi in pair of lengqing autumn one eye ten thousand years, that shake the earth see the marriage that fall in love with, eventually not also lead a joke, besides our common people, had better choose prudently.The middle-aged Debao has a confidant. The middle-aged debao is full of sorrow, and there are men with both old and young children, which confirms what Eileen Chang said: “When a man reaches middle age, he often feels lonely, because when he opens his eyes, there are people around him who depend on him, but there is no one he can rely on.”With social progress, the development of The Times, enterprise restructuring, Cao Debao in the unit is also mixed well, can replace the factory to receive customers.Also in the reception of customers at that time, do not want to take their confidante by the customer flirtation, pushing a customer, he fell in the bosom of confidante about his unfortunate marriage.Also at this time, Debao moved away from home with their excuses, live in the mother’s home, also put forward a divorce with Chunyan as an excuse.Don’t want to divorce The Chunyan go to tell the dry mother, dry mother also confused.Zheng Juan persuaded Chunyan, let Chunyan go to her dry brother bingkun.Chunyan in bingkun hotel met bingkun and Debao in a single room, Debao told bingkun about his unhappy marriage, did the son-in-law also count, but he was strong Chunyan bullying at home, there is no man’s dignity and status.At this moment, Chunyan happened to hear, she pushed the door into the loudly asked Debao, are you outside someone?The partner’s directness is still very accurate, but Debao is not willing to admit it, saying it is because they have no feelings between husband and wife.Bingkun asked Chunyan really divorce?If you don’t want to go back, he’ll have to persuade Debo.Chunyan left helplessly, but that lonely scene, opened the middle-aged husband and wife without love without sex FIG leaf.No money is the fuse of their marriage, but Zheng Juan and bingkun once economic conditions are far worse than Debao, zheng Juan of bingkun is full of trust and worship, not chunyan that strong.The maintenance of marriage and family, need is a not so nagging wife, and a positive husband.If the wife is talkative and the husband is content with the status quo, then the family is sure to be a chicken feather.The marriage of Debao and Chunyan tells us that love at first sight requires a lot of conditions to achieve love at first sight in the future. We are all ordinary people and cannot have superhuman ability and power.Therefore, love at first sight is the beauty of love, we must choose carefully, contact more, understand more, each other’s three views and family relationship, only in long-term contact to understand, can be in the future marriage, stick to each other’s original heart.When Jin Yanxi first met Leng Qingqing in The family of Gold dust, she was attracted by her lofty personality.But after marriage, cold and qingqinggao, it is to make Jin Yanxi abhorred.Before marriage, Jin Yanxi changed the pursuit of patterns, to meet the vanity of cold autumn;After marriage, Lengqingqiu can not bear jin Yanxi without economic sources, lavish style of spending money.Discordance of the three views of husband and wife, will eventually go their separate ways, because no one will change each other, only separation.Chunyan is a woman who dares to love and hate, in the face of bingkun will boldly put forward their own wishes, but also in front of people like themselves, play a little careful machine, the pursuit of their own life happiness.Everyone does not look good bath pedicure worker, Chunyan can do this job well, let oneself become the city’s service industry model, but also master massage kung fu to learn, and finally became the director of the urban women’s Federation.Such work, it should be said, is much better than the average female worker.But Cao Debao is not satisfied, always a pair of their own feeling of loss.Because debao wanted to marry a “princess in distress”, he could become a master once he turned over.Debao’s heart always feels his marriage to Chunyan is forced, because Chunyan insists debao drilled her bed.Visible, there is a calculation in the marriage, the day can lead well just strange?Love can start from the appearance level, but marriage must be built on a deep understanding of each other, three views of each other fit, then we can go through a long life together.Sanmao once said: “If love can not be implemented to dress, eat, sleep, count money, these real life, it will not last long.”The marriage between Chunyan and Debao began with calculation. When Chunyan decided to marry Debao, she was just in her own girl’s heart, and forgot that marriage was not romance, but real days.Eating and drinking, hanging out, getting along with a family, no money, no love, no husband and wife warm marriage, will eventually lead to chicken fly dog jump.See debao and Chunyan such a divorce, also can understand why will finally because of a suite, betraying the brothers of 30 years, real name exposed bingkun brother using real power, to the National home and catch up home, and progressive home to buy the new house.Eventually they couple or because of money, betrayal of friendship, betrayal of the conscience of life.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.