Coordinate data shows that F-35C fell into China’s maritime exclusive economic zone!China should claim compensation from the US

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Recently, the US f-35C carrier-borne aircraft crashed into the South China Sea, there are some new conditions.The us salvage operation for the most advanced fighter jet was launched very quickly, fearing that it would be “pre-empted” by China.Over the past two days, cargo planes have been flying from THE US military bases in the Philippines and Japan to the area in the South China Sea, dropping specialized equipment.At the same time, the United States has set up what it calls a no-sail zone in the area, so that it can be undisturbed during the salvage.This is really hard for us to accept.After the author has analyzed many times, according to the trajectory in terms of activities and the strategy of “the south China sea situational awareness” provided by satellite image coordinates, the basic can be determined, then an accident (24 January) in the morning, when the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson is the huangyan island of the south China sea about 300 kilometers to the northwest, conversion into the sea is 161.9 nm.The Huangyan Island is China’s inherent territory. China has sovereignty over it and has territorial sea, airspace and exclusive maritime economic zone in accordance with the law.What is the exclusive economic zone at sea?200 nautical miles.That is to say, the US F-35C carrier-based aircraft that fell into the South China Sea was within China’s exclusive maritime economic zone!A few days ago, the Japanese Coast Guard issued a “navigation warning” which also confirmed the author’s reasonable analysis.The Japanese Coast Guard said in a “navigation warning” that salvage work was underway west of the Northern Philippine island of Luzon, and that vessels should avoid entering or approaching the area, Japanese media reported.The Japanese media said that the salvage operation refers to the LIFTING of f-35C carrier-borne aircraft by the US military, and the Chinese navy and fishermen’s ships are not allowed to approach the area.The attached coordinates of the salvage site are 17°50 ‘n and 117°36’ E.So what are the coordinates of Huangyan Island?Latitude 15°07 ‘N, longitude 117°51’ E.After a relatively simple geographical formula calculation, we know that the longitude and latitude coordinates of the two places are about 303 km apart, which is 163.6 nautical miles in nautical miles.Similarly, in our exclusive maritime economic zone of Huangyan Island!The data released by The Japanese side this time completely confirmed the previous speculation that an F-35C carrier-borne aircraft crashed into the sea during a us military exercise involving two aircraft carriers in China’s exclusive economic zone off The Huangyan Island on January 24. The crash occurred within China’s exclusive economic zone at sea.By the way, why is the Japanese Coast Guard issuing a “navigation warning” in the South China Sea?According to the regulations of relevant international organizations, the South China Sea belongs to zone 11 on the classification of global radio navigational warning.Notification in Area 11 has been handled by the Japanese Coast Guard.This relates to Japan’s early international status as a leading maritime law enforcement force in East Asia, hence the designation of area 11 navigational bulletin.I still say that, now this matter has been thoroughly confirmed, we should not hide, need to negotiate with the US side on this matter.Negotiate what?Of course, it is about salvaging the F-35C in Our maritime exclusive economic zone.First, you need to file a claim with the US side.The US carrier-borne aircraft crashed into the sea in China’s maritime exclusive economic zone, and salvage equipment will be dropped in subsequent salvage operations, which will have an irreversible negative impact on the fishery in relevant waters in the short term.I believe that this loss should be borne by the US side, which is our right.The specific amount of compensation, the need for domestic institutions to investigate and analyze the conclusion.Second, China has made it clear that it is not interested in grabbing US F-35C, but it is necessary for us to monitor every move of US forces in our maritime exclusive economic zone to avoid them taking the opportunity to collect hydrological characteristics.Therefore, the PLA can announce that it will conduct intensive military exercises outside the no-sail zone of the U.S. forces, which can “counter-encircle” the U.S. forces, and send more reconnaissance aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft to “protect” the U.S. forces from recovering the F-35C carrier-borne aircraft.When necessary, China can provide assistance to the US military in a humanitarian spirit.Earlier, the Ministry of National Defense also said, “strengthen the frontline military combat training against the enemy,” so we might as well take this opportunity to practice our skills.After all, there could be more than one “big snakehead” swimming nearby!Last but not least, it is a commonplace issue that we need to strengthen our control over the South China Sea islands including the Huangyan Island.Huangyan Island is the only island among the Zhongsha Islands with reefs above the water. It covers an area of 150 square kilometers and is of great significance to both fishery and strategic situation.In the past, the US and the Philippines have repeatedly hyped up the so-called sovereignty issue over The Huangyan Island. This us military exercise near the Huangyan Island is certainly for this purpose.At present, the Huangyan Island issue is still in the “cold treatment” period, and large-scale land reclamation and construction of airports and docks and other military facilities have not begun.So, while the US military has made a big stumble in the vicinity of Huangyan Island, is there a chance for us to start the development of Huangyan Island?The author thinks, right now can yet be regarded as a good opportunity.