Is e-commerce making Chinese people richer?

2022-04-25 0 By

Remember years ago, there was a saying on the Internet that e-commerce had destroyed the real economy.This small make up didn’t know what is the logic of the remarks, until recent years, to make it clear that the argument: that is because of the electricity, cause the outflow of hot money appeared in many parts of the situation: such as in the past, A county sewing worker small white, after the factories to make money, buy daily necessities, also will be in stores and supermarkets, and consumption of A county.When stores and supermarkets earn money, they will pay their employees wages.In this way, money always drives economic development in the local circulation.The emergence of e-commerce has led to a situation where the development of big cities has become leveraged: for example, most of the things I bought online in recent years were made in Guangdong or Zhejiang.This means that the local hot money is earned by the merchants in Guangdong and Zhejiang through e-commerce.And this hot money, also began to build guangdong and Zhejiang.This undoubtedly strengthened the Yangtze River Delta, pearl River Delta construction process.It can be said that the development of these two regions has added a powerful lever.For the rest of the world, the flight of hot money means depression — many small shops, for example, cannot sell their products because of the onslaught of e-commerce.And the shop is not profitable, which leads to the shop owners have to find another way out.At the same time, employees will lose their jobs because of the store’s slump.Finally a lot of people in order to make a living, had to flood into the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta work.As the cycle goes on, the economy of small places is inversely proportional to the prosperity of big cities.Hence the argument that e-commerce has not made The Chinese people richer.But xiaobian feel, this kind of understanding is wrong.In fact, the existence of e-commerce is an inevitable result of the development of science and technology, as well as the inevitable result of social development based on the development of science and technology.First of all, there is no denying the fact that things bought on e-commerce platforms are, by and large, much cheaper than physical stores.Last month, for example, this small series in the local entity shop to buy sanitary products, after comparison, suddenly found: entity shop products than online products, cheaper than half.In other words, for the price of one item bought in a physical store, you can save money by buying two online.Consumers vote with their feet, and online shopping is cheap, which naturally leads people to choose online shopping.This is beyond reproach, not because in order to take care of the entity owner’s self-interest, damage the interests of consumers.Of course, it could be argued that the demise of brick-and-mortar stores has led to the disappearance of many jobs.But actually, it’s weak talk.The reason is simple: the progress of society will definitely eliminate many outdated industries, and at the same time, it will make many industries become new ones.Like the carriage driver industry disappeared, but the taxi driver industry was born.Similarly, although the physical store is affected and the cabinet sister of the physical store may lose her job, e-commerce personnel with goods are still very scarce.And, in fact, with the rise of new media, almost all new media platforms have the function of e-commerce delivery.The popularity of e-commerce means that almost anyone can become the owner of an unsourced online shop, which is actually a channel to make wealth — provided, of course, that you have the ability to work and operate.So to sum up: the emergence of e-commerce does make people richer.At the same time, also let part of the ability of the inadequate people feel the crisis.