Taipei mayor Tsai Ing-wen sends Chen Shi-chung to face Chiang Wan ‘an

2022-04-25 0 By

All eyes are on whether Chiang Wan ‘an (c), a legislator of the Kuomintang (KMT), will formally announce his candidacy for Taipei mayor during the Lunar New Year.(according to Taiwan “e-paper” when data) according to Taiwan “when the electronic newspaper” reported annual leave after the end of the Spring Festival, 2022 local elections will move the table layout, the first card is probably the democratic progressive party (DPP) re-elected counties and cities, followed by relatively sure counties and cities, counties and cities to nominate or need primary end is difficult selection of nomination, such as Taipei city and new city of north,Intra-party competition will also become more pronounced after the holiday.Part in Taipei mayoral election, the kuomintang “lawmaker” favourite Jiang Wanan, as for the democratic progressive party (DPP), according to the Hong Kong review club “in the” latest analysis, points out that under the YingXi rallied, tsai ing-wen, and fully grasp the provincial nomination, executive director of Taiwan authorities blasts Chen Shizhong won tsai ing-wen favour is likely to run for mayor of Taipei.According to the report, some say that Chen shi-chung was questioned at the late stage of the epidemic prevention, and running for mayor of Taipei would benefit Chiang Wan-an, the current front-runner.However, many in the DPP believe that the blue Army is divided in Taipei, the DPP still has a chance to win, and Chen Shi-chung may still run.As for New Taipei City, it is unlikely that the DPP will challenge Hou Youyi, the mayor of new Taipei City, as hou has high opinion polls.In Taoyuan city, the report said, “Due to the recent severe outbreak of COVID-19, incumbent Mayor Chung Wen-chan’s failure to handle the situation will affect the 2022 election. The KMT has a good chance to win the district, which is already a blue-green constituency.”