The starting point?Wang Shuang: Winning the Asian Cup is just a small goal

2022-04-25 0 By

At noon on February 7, Beijing time, The Chinese women’s football team left India for home after winning the Asian Cup. Before taking off, two Chinese girls, Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan, were interviewed by CCTV’s Football Night.Wang shanshan said that winning the MVP of the Asian Cup is the recognition of her from the outside world, while Wang Shuang said that winning the Asian Cup is just a small goal, and the Chinese women’s football team should keep going according to the set goal.Wang shuang said she was very excited about the team’s victory. “I couldn’t sleep after the match yesterday. I was really moved to see everyone’s support and cheering for us.”Although she was replaced by Zhang Linyan in the 60th minute, Wang shuang said that Zhang Linyan came on and did a good job.Wang shuang, who missed the semifinals due to injury and did not play 90 minutes in the final, said she would try to recover as soon as possible during her quarantine at home.”We always hope to show ourselves on the Asian stage. Dominating Asia is just our small goal, and we will continue to work hard.Of course, The Japanese team’s technical and tactical playing style is better than ours, we still need to learn, to work hard, to improve, the championship is just the past, we have to according to the established goal, unremittingly go on.”Wang shuang reiterated that Chinese fans can always trust the Chinese women’s football team. “We still have the Asian Games in September. See you then!”Wang Shanshan, who was named MVP of the Asian Cup, said that the award was her recognition from the outside world.Even before the extra-time equalizer against Japan in the semifinals, she had a feeling she could equalise.