The unattended stove, angry!

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Spring has already started, but with a blast of cold air coming, we still can’t give up the warmth brought by the magic heater. But Ah Xiao wants to say that the magic heater should be standardized, or you can’t afford the consequences.Jiangxi yichun a village house caught fire fire rescue stand out 3 rui Yang avenue car 21 people to the scene of emergency fire for residential building five floor smoke poured out of the window in the fire field are households is not at home in order to prevent the fire continues to spread firefighters had to housing security doors for forcible entry and contact the property for the first time to cut off the power house instant smoke poured out of the house of smoke,Very low visibility firefighters immediately out of the water gun control the fire at the same time, another group of firefighters evacuated from the 6 floor shift two people trapped rescue an on-site flame was successfully put out the accident caused no casualties, according to preliminary understanding due to the head of the household before you go out forget to turn off the heat from the electric heater for ignition of sofa which leads to the occurrence of the accident, the prompt elimination heating artifact into the thousandsThey bring warmth in the cold, but there are also many safety risks. How to use them correctly and avoid danger? Slide up and down