Wechat New Year’s greetings reveal your emotional intelligence

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Click on the top of the blue word attention, every day with you to analyze human nature and emotion.Mr. Mu Xin has such a famous saying: in the past, the carriage is very slow, life only enough to love one person.Yes, in the old days, not only love is not easy to get, in addition to the relatives and lovers you can see every day, other feelings, to cultivate.It is rare to meet a bosom friend, if they are separated, maybe they can only see each other once in their life.Nowadays, with the developed Internet and smooth communication, all you need to know a person is a mobile phone and some social software to connect the friendship of the world.However, the more easily acquired emotion, the more test the sincerity and depth of emotion, the more challenging the person, the emotional intelligence of communicating with others.Take the Spring Festival New Year for example, before the Spring Festival New Year, going from door to door, bustling.Now happy New Year, many people used to take wechat message, is to send blessings.This does save time and effort, but it is a test of emotional intelligence.Since having wechat, many people are used to sending New Year’s greetings by wechat.Before, it was to the contacts of friends, one by one to send messages to express their blessings.Later, with the group function, this matter, it seems more convenient and simple, a group message, all “friends”.Later, smart friends in advance to make up a variety of good, suitable for New Year’s greetings text content, posted to the Internet, for users to download, sent to a friend during the New Year.This kind of operation, in the beginning, really feels relaxed and fresh.After the jokes hand edited copy, the total than ordinary people to write out the New Year wishes, seems more intimate and interesting.The blessing of the Spring Festival, figure is nothing more than a festival, there is such information overwhelming, is also a good fun.However, over time, there are more and more such information, many and even repeated content, template blessing, somewhat tiring.Friends of heart, when sending blessings, will hide their own little thoughts, not to let their blessings, in the hundreds of messages were submerged.They either edit the content themselves;Or it can be edited by someone else, and then adapted to the characteristics of the sender to make it look like it’s a customized message for him.It is conceivable that in many template type information, see one or two different content, or “customized for their own” blessing, is bound to have more warm feeling.Interesting blessings are all the same, the intention of a New Year’s visit.In this age of communication, whether you can make sincere friends is not the number of friends, but the quality, and the reason why others make friends with you is just “heart” two words.If even a heartfelt blessing SMS time are reluctant to give friends, then, how are they willing to spend their time on you.Perhaps, some people will say, there are so many people in the address book, each person a message, there is no time to edit.In fact, the Spring Festival seven days, and even yuanxiao, as long as the heart is sincere, whether it is morning or evening, can be passed to each other.Bless others sincerely or not at all.Sincere blessing, will bring people moved and happy.In the martial arts, there is a name of kung fu called “return the same to the other”.In simple terms, I’ll do to you what you do to me.That’s what they say, and that’s what they say.However, the ancients said: do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.Teach people not to force others to do what they do not like.In the New Year, looking at the mobile phone constantly ringing information, with expectations and happy mood to open, the results, most of the copy and paste template blessing, really unhappy and depressed, and even on such a relationship, produced fatigue.Also, there is an urge to stop sending group messages.However, the more impulsive the adult is in dealing with things, the more uncultivated he appears.As in the treatment of other people’s Spring Festival blessing SMS, some people turn a blind eye, some people in the heart angry, and some people, more happy, serious reply.Once, brush friend circle, see a friend sent a dynamic: hello, everyone, the New Year greeting information has been received, it is too much, not a reply.Not lack of time, but see many messages are copy and paste, too boring, do not want to come back.I wish you all a happy New Year.What looks like a straightforward and unconventional character is, in fact, a reflection of lack of upbringing.Other people’s blessings, no matter how much sincere ingredients, at least, when others send, choose your name, it will prove that you in the heart of the other party, is a weight.However, you regard other people’s “weight” to you as “boring”, so you can imagine how it would not be awkward to make friends with such people.See do not want to reply to the information, you can not reply, and then, just find a reason can also prevaricate in the past, who will not get to the bottom of this.However, such public criticism is not the work of a wise man, but reveals a person’s emotional intelligence and cultivation.People do not need to be like RMB, everyone welcome, but between people, the most basic respect can not do, it is difficult to get respect from others.Love out of love to return, blessing to blessing.In the Spring Festival such a festive day, but do good, do not chase details.When we learn to respect others, others will also remember us, we are strict with ourselves, in detail control, will leave a deep impression on others.Fortune in this life never falls from the sky, but accumulates its own fortune through these ordinary things.The highest level of emotional intelligence is to be honest with others.Your sincerity shows respect and conceals self-cultivation.Respect others, is a person’s highest eq.Wechat New Year call, is a very common thing.The smaller the things, the more you can tell a man’s wisdom.The smallest things are worth doing;The more people you work with, the more emotional intelligence is tested.The smallest shows the greatest.With every blessing you send, you can express your love for others.True feelings, more can move people.Every message you respond to shows your culture.Respect others, more can express affection.A true feeling, sincere, cultured person, integrated, is a person’s emotional intelligence.May you be a lover in the New Year.Pay sincere, harvest happiness.About the author: Wu Yang.Multi-platform contracted author, female inspirational writer.Appreciate the emotion of the world, the interpretation of the world.