100 million yuan level “mouse warehouse” big exposure!

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Recently, li Zhi, a reporter of China Fund Newspaper, a criminal judgment disclosed by the network of judgment documents will be made public together with “mouse storehouse” transactions.According to the criminal judgment no. 82 of Shanghai 01 Criminal Sentence (2021), Wang Guangqun, the investment manager of the equity investment Department of the former well-known insurance asset management company, took advantage of his position to obtain undisclosed information such as stock trading decisions and disclosed it to others for convergence trading. The cumulative turnover of relevant stock trading was about 117 million yuan, and the total profit was more than 3.46 million yuan.Wang was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years, and fined 850,000 yuan for trading on unpublished information.The First Branch of Shanghai People’s Procuratorate charged the defendants Wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng with the crime of trading with unpublicized information by indictment No. 55 of The First Criminal Prosecution (2021) of Shanghai People’s Procuratorate, and filed a public prosecution to the court on September 9, 2021.Wang was an investment manager at the equity investment department of a former insurance asset management company. He was born on February 12, 1988, in Zhuanghe city, Liaoning Province, according to the verdict.In addition, Li Xifeng is the legal representative of Shanghai Xifeng Information Technology Co., LTD., born in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province on February 15, 1987.Wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng were both released on bail on January 12, 2021.The First Branch Of Shanghai Municipal People’s ProcuratorateFrom September 22, 2016 to June 19, 2018, during the period when defendant Wang Guangqun served as the investment manager of Taikang Asset Management Equity Investment Department, before the information of trading stocks in the product investment account group of “traditional (medicine group)” and “Tuanhong (medicine group)”, which had the right to make trading decisions, was made public,The defendant Li Xifeng and Wang Mou were informed of the above undisclosed information by telephone, wechat, meeting and other means for many times (another case will be dealt with), and suggested that the two were engaged in relevant stock trading.In order to seek illegal interests, defendant Li Xifeng used himself and 7 securities accounts under his actual control to conduct stock trading while knowing that defendant Wang Guangqun had obtained the aforementioned stock trading decisions and other undisclosed information by taking advantage of his position.Wang mou also uses his securities account to undertake stock transaction.After audit, Li Xifeng and Wang mou two people through a number of securities accounts for convergent trading, the cumulative transaction amount of about 117 million yuan.There were 39 convergent trading stocks between the securities account controlled by defendant Li Xifeng and the asset management account group managed by defendant Wang Guangqun, with a transaction amount of MORE than 88.47 million yuan and a profit of more than 2.6 million yuan.There are 27 convergent trading stocks between a securities account of Wang and the asset management account group managed by the defendant Wang Guangqun, with a turnover of more than 28.06 million yuan and a profit of more than 860,000 yuan.The defendants wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng arrived at the case after being notified by the relevant departments respectively and truthfully confessed the main criminal facts.Defendant Li Xifeng and involved personnel Wang mou has taken the initiative to return all illegal income.Shanghai municipal first intermediate people’s court that the defendant Wang Guangqun as financial institutions from personnel of course of study, using because of the position for undisclosed information, in violation of regulations, Li Xifeng and others suggested that the defendant engaged in securities trading activities associated with this information, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior has violated the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the provisions of paragraph 4 of the first paragraph of article one hundred and eighty,Criminal responsibility shall be investigated for the crime of trading with undisclosed information.Facts and guilty as charged by the prosecution.In addition, the defendants Wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng have surrendered, should also apply the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 67 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.The defendants, Wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng, admitted their guilt and, according to the provisions of article 15 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, could be dealt with leniently.The public prosecution requested the court to try wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng in accordance with the law, and suggested that wang Guangqun and Li Xifeng be sentenced to one to two years in prison and fined, but suspended.The defendants Wang Guangqun, Li Xifeng and their defenders have no objection to the facts and charges of the prosecution charges during the trial. They hope that the court will give the defendants a lighter punishment and apply probation based on the circumstances of the whole case, such as surrender and admission of guilt.During the trial, the defendant Wang Guangqun paid a fine of 850,000 yuan in advance;The defendant Li Xifeng paid a fine of 2.65 million yuan in advance.Wang guangqun was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years and fined 850,000 YUAN for trading with undisclosed information.Li xifeng was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years and fined 2.65 million yuan for trading on unpublished information.And the illegal income of the two shall be recovered.Wang Guangqun subsequently “ran private” to join billions of private equity Blao Network information, Wang Guangqun for Shanghai Jiaotong University master of accounting, bachelor of pharmacy.7 years experience in securities industry, research and investment.During his tenure as taikang Asset equity Investment manager (From September 2016 to May 2018), the accumulated income of the managed account reached +58%, while the Shanghai Composite Index rose 5% during the same period.Annualized compound return +34.80%.The main investment involves investment in pharmaceutical, technology and consumer industries. The assets under management increased from 300 million yuan to 1.9 billion yuan, with an excess return rate of 40%.From the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2021, Wang Guangqun joined a Private equity company in Shanghai, and then served as a fund manager and investment manager.In addition, Li Xifeng, the legal representative of Shanghai Xifeng Information Technology Co., LTD., controlled seven securities accounts for convergent trading.The company was established in April 2018 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.Edit: Captain burst!43+40 new cases, one returned from Shenzhen confirmed, used to play mahjong here!A whopping 351 cases in Hong Kong!Former Maotai executive bribery exposed!A single over 27 million, but also buy funds like this