Heavy snow, partial blizzard!Hubei province initiated level iv emergency response

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Heavy snow is expected to hit parts of southeast Shaanxi, southeast Henan, west and north Hubei, northwest Hunan and central Anhui from 8 o ‘clock On February 6 to 8 o ‘clock on February 7. Among them, there will be heavy snow in southwest Hubei and Dabie Mountain area of Anhui.The depth of new snow in some of the above areas was 3 to 6 centimeters, and local areas could reach more than 10 centimeters.Affected by the warm and humid air flow from southwest China and weak cold air from north China, moderate to heavy snow and partial snowstorm are expected to hit Hubei province from west to east during the day from February 6 to 7.The mountain area has obvious snow, the depth of snow is 3~8 cm, local can reach more than 10 cm, and there is obvious freezing weather;The depth of snow in Jianghan Plain and eastern areas can reach 2~5 cm.According to the relevant provisions of the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Disaster Emergency Plan, the provincial meteorological disaster emergency Headquarters decided to start the meteorological disaster (blizzard) level IV emergency response at 09:00 on February 6th.After initiating emergency response, all member units are requested to strictly implement the Emergency Plan for Meteorological Disasters in Hubei Province, earnestly perform their respective duties, implement measures to prevent snowstorm, low temperature and freezing, and carry out emergency treatment.In particular, it is necessary to strengthen traffic management and do a good job in road snow and ice removal.We will do a good job in urban power supply, gas supply and water supply, snow prevention, frost prevention and warmth protection in rural areas, power supply, gas supply and water supply, and disaster prevention in agriculture and rural areas.Hubei province meteorological disaster emergency headquarters on February 6, 2022, the process of our province from west to east is expected to appear in the local blizzard mountain snow, heavy snow will be freezing weather, please pay attention to guard against today during the day, the snow are mainly concentrated in western hubei area, shiyan, shennongjia cloudy in the snow, enshi, yichang half mountains in the above areas to heavy snow, blizzard.Cloudy skies to light rain and snow in central areas, cloudy skies to light rain in other areas.The snowfall will expand to the east tonight, and the intensity of snowfall will be strengthened. The temperature in the whole province will drop significantly, with the highest temperature of 1 ~ 3℃ in northwest Hubei and 4 ~ 6℃ in other areas.Tomorrow snow abate intermittent, the highest temperature in most areas 1 ~ 4℃.The day after tomorrow, affected by upper-air fluctuation, the southern part of our province has weak precipitation, the highest temperature in most areas of 2 ~ 5℃.The wide range of rain and snow weather process coincides with the Spring Festival travel peak you return and on my way to work must pay attention to traffic safety of warm heat preservation measures compiled album | Zhang Xinyu scrutiny | Zhang Xinyu duty editor hengye to source | | generation Chinese weather net, weather, hubei hubei release, changjiang daily contribute [youth] hubei email:youthhubei@163.com welcome to forward point, reprint be sure to indicate the source click warm and safe travel!