I made my own egg fried rice

2022-04-26 0 By

I’m going to start with a radish and a spring onion and then I’m going to shred the carrots and then I’m going to cut them into granules.And use pan at home not to fry pan fry pan is heated unevenly, made isn’t good, and then prepare four good egg chicken fillet with pan fry the chicken fillet out, put the eggs in, Fried eggs, Fried eggs, put the rice in and then put into granular carrots in, and cut chicken fillet into massive put in right amount add some water, don’t paste pot.Stir it up, put in some chicken essence, my rice is fresh from the cooker, so very quickly, I’m going to put in some chopped scallion and finally we have a beautiful egg fried rice that is delicious, it’s delicious.When I do not like to use the wok at home, I feel the wok is not evenly heated, and then WHEN I do egg fried rice, I like to use the rice cooker directly to cook the rice first, so it is soon made, my mother also likes me to do egg fried rice.The main thing is I think I’m doing pretty well myself.[touch one’s head][touch one’s head]