Prosperity!This congjiang traveler won the title of advanced individual in the province!

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Recently, the provincial department of culture and tourism, the provincial department of human resources and social security issued “on the commendation of the province’s cultural tourism work advanced collective and advanced individual decision”, the province’s 25 cultural tourism work advanced collective and 40 advanced individual commendation.Among them, Shi Xia, the cadre of Tourism Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television of Congjiang County, was awarded the title of “Advanced Individual of Cultural tourism work in Guizhou Province”, and only 4 people in Qiandongnan Prefecture were commended.Shi Xia current Congjiang county cultural market comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade deputy section level cadres.She loves cultural tourism and has been working at the grass-roots level for more than ten years. She regards it as her responsibility to do a good job in cultural tourism. With a rigorous and pragmatic style and a positive and enterprising attitude, she has completed various tasks in a down-to-earth manner.In 2017, she was awarded as the advanced Individual of the seventh Tourism Industry Development Conference of Qiandongnan Prefecture and the Advanced Individual of Tourism work of Congjiang County.In 2018, it was awarded as the advanced Individual of the 13th Tourism Industry Development Conference of Guizhou Province.During the period of poverty alleviation, she successively served as the first secretary of basha village and the group leader of basha village in Xiaohuang village of Gaozeng township and Third sister town.In the work in the village, he tried to promote the industrial development of tourism, promote the people to increase income, and made a demonstration in promoting tourism industrialization and promoting rural revitalization.In 2020, she won the title of Excellent Party Affairs Worker of Poverty Alleviation in Congjiang County and excellent First Secretary of Bingmei Town.In 2021, the whole province will focus on the “four new” and “four modernization”. She presided over the work of the county tourism Development Service Center, and ranked the first in the province in the provincial acceptance of establishing the national all-regional tourism demonstration area, contributing to the high-quality development of the tourism industry.Final review: Pan Yong first review: Chen Defeng editor: Liang Jiyu typeset: Liang Yong Qiang historical recommendation