Brave: Two ways to play one game!Come and challenge the Tower of the Prophets

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* This article for the hundred creators of the original, without permission can not be reproduced in the Western fantasy continent of the Prophet tower, there is only gray and black world.Looking up, the design of the tower is unique, with its soaring spire as if hiding something.After entering the Tower of the Prophet, there will be so that you feel very confused, helpless and uneasy.But in order to pass the test, you have to brave your way into the Tower of the Prophets!Without delay, immediately follow the call star twitter officer into the casual adventure game “Brave”!Call engine Call Incentive Program Game development Game Production The tower of prophets, as the dean calls it, is the place to test whether you can become a qualified scholar.When the gates of the Tower of the Prophets are closed, the inspection has begun!There is nothing but the tower, but you will meet the guardian of the Tower of the Prophets to accompany you through the level.Escape from the Tower of prophets with knowledge of chemistry and English as inspiration.In addition to being a casual adventure game, Brave also includes a little platform-jumping gameplay.When you answer princess Fifi’s question correctly, you can unlock it!When you collect bullets, you can use your skills to destroy monsters on your way. Also remember to collect life supplies on your way.This casual adventure game Brave is the work of MissMa1111, a developer of immersive game.Combining questions with platformer gameplay allows you to experience different kinds of fun in one game!Come to the environment engine to experience it!