Overseas | demand exceeds supply!European orders for Tesla’s Model 3 are booked until November

2022-04-27 0 By

According to Tesmanian, the basic Tesla Model 3 has been sold out in Europe for most of 2022, with the next delivery date now not expected until November at the earliest.This shows that the car is in great demand.The rear-wheel drive version of tesla’s Model 3 is currently available in Europe for nine months, according to the report.Deliveries of the Long-endurance Model 3 could come as soon as November 2022.Models with 19-inch sport wheels were most recently delivered in August.In addition, a high-performance version may be available from May.Before the Berlin plant opened, many of the Tesla models sold in Europe in the past two years were made in China.In November 2020, about 7,000 Chinese-made Model 3s were sent to Belgian ports and sold to more than a dozen countries, including Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden.It was the first time Chinese-made Tesla cars were sold to Europe.In the first half of 2021 alone, the export volume of Tesla models produced by the Shanghai plant reached nearly 50,000 units, ranking eighth among all domestic automakers.Tesla’s Berlin factory is complete and in pilot production, but has been slow to open.The latest news comes from Berlin Brandenburg Broadcasting (RBB), which reports that tesla’s Berlin factory will not start production until mid-March at the earliest.Tesla is still awaiting final approval from local authorities before it can start production.This is nearly four months later than the earliest expected date of November 2021.Tesla Model 3 sales are strong in Europe, and the only thing limiting its growth is Tesla’s capacity, tesmanian reported.Once tesla’s Berlin factory opens, more consumers will likely switch to the Berlin Model Y instead of waiting six to nine months to pick up a Model 3, the outlet predicted.