Strong big training skills | quality began to improve at the deepening, weinan central hospital uropoiesis surgical department carry out business in the first quarter of 2022 nursing ward round

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In order to provide high quality, efficient and safe nursing for patients, standardize clinical nursing rounds, implement nursing rounds system, improve nursing quality, and further cultivate nurses’ clinical critical thinking ability, urology department organized the first quarter of nursing rounds on March 10th.Gao Yamei, director of the nursing department, Zhang Shaoqing, head nurse of the department of nursing, Tao Yanyan, head nurse of the teaching group, Xin Nan of the nursing department participated in the ward round led by Sun Juanli, head nurse of urology department.Responsible nurse Yang Danfeng reported the patient’s condition in detail, and put forward the existing nursing problems and nursing measures according to the patient’s current situation.In the process of harmonious communication with the patient, Sun Juanli completed the standard physical examination, and checked and fed back the implementation of the patient’s nursing measures through physical examination.Nursing staff spoke enthusiastically, expressed their opinions, and carried out in-depth discussion on the issues involved in this case.Sun Juanli said in the summary, I hope all nurses continue to learn, apply what they have learned, everything should be deep cultivation, constantly improve the quality of nursing, little by little heart, to provide continuous, whole-process, effective and scientific nursing services for patients.Zhang Shaoqing, Tao Yanyan and Xin Nan put forward guiding suggestions for the ward round.Gao Yamei, director of the nursing department, stressed that the nursing work should strengthen the theoretical knowledge learning, especially the learning of the frontier knowledge of specialized nursing, combine theory with practice, work to be diligent in thinking, good at summing up, to learn to use critical thinking to find problems and solve problems, and constantly improve the ability of specialized nursing.Through nursing ward rounds, patients feel valued and respected, and receive feedback information, so that the nursing work can be better carried out.Through the ward round at the same time for the patient to do the relevant knowledge education, improve the patient’s awareness of participation, close the relationship between nurses and patients, deepen the understanding of nurses on specialized knowledge, exercise the nurses’ thinking ability and problem-solving ability, better play the role of nursing ward round guidance.Ren Jinjin Urology Department Source: Official microblog of Weinan Central Hospital