The first pier of the Ningzhou-Malaysia Intercity Railway was successfully poured

2022-04-27 0 By

Nanjing to ma on shan inter-city railway pier is completed casting Xu Qian taken Beijing, hefei, March 29 (Xu Qian 39) on March 28, by the China railway investment group (Shanghai) co., LTD. Nanjing to ma on shan inter-city railway construction general contract smoothly first block casting, marks a better construction of the inter-city railway (MOS) pier ma officially kicked off,It also laid a solid foundation for the follow-up construction to be completed as scheduled.Nanjing to Ma ‘anshan intercity Railway (Ma ‘anshan section) starts from the boundary of Jiangsu province and Anhui Province and ends at Dangtu South Station. The total length of the line is 27.726km, including 26.48km elevated line, 0.66km tunnel and 0.58km roadbed.The whole line has 8 stations, all for the elevated station, set up a Dangtu south depot.Construction content includes civil engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment system, comprehensive engineering, etc.The total contract amount is 5.23 billion yuan, and the total construction period of the project is 40 months.The first pier is located in the middle of Jiuhuadong Road and Donghu Road, Yushan District, Ma ‘anshan city, Anhui Province. It is a bridge between Yushandong Road station and Jiuhua Road Station. The pier number is 43# and the pier is 11.5 meters high.In order to ensure the construction, the construction personnel strengthened the overall control of the whole process according to the construction requirements of the first project, organized the implementation of pouring construction, and assigned personnel and responsibilities from the aspects of technical preparation, safety control, material and equipment guarantee, comprehensively did the preparatory work before pouring, to ensure the smooth completion of the first pier pouring.After the completion of the project, the comprehensive travel time between The downtown areas of Ma ‘anshan and Nanjing will be reduced to about 40 minutes.At the same time, Anhui province will add a “golden channel” into the Yangtze River Delta, which is conducive to the communication between the central city of Nanjing and the main city of Ma ‘anshan, accelerate the development of the integration of Ningxia and Ma ‘anshan, and promote the high-quality economic development of Anhui and Jiangsu provinces.(End) (