Big country heavy, fixed electric needle!Ann rely on wisdom electricity again CCTV appearance!

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On the evening of January 26, the half Hour of Economy, a program of CCTV 2 financial channel, presented in depth the special topic of “Ultra-high voltage Power Transmission and Transformation”, “The Struggle Attitude of Heavy Equipment — Fixed electric needle”.The program gives a detailed introduction to the core technology of UHV transmission — THE gas insulated transmission line (GIL) of Ankon Electric power Co., LTD. This is another wonderful appearance of GIL products and technology of Ankon Electric Power Co., LTD., in the mainstream news program of CCTV after appearing on the program of “Great Power” twice in a row!In half An Hour of Economy, the unique technology of GIL “three-phase common box” and the r&d and manufacturing process of the core key component “insulation triple support” were shown, and the advanced nature and future development prospect of GIL system were introduced.Relying on electric power through unremitting efforts to achieve “electric drive acceleration” for human energy.Chen Xiaoling, general manager of Anrely Electric, said on the program: “The successful development of three-phase co-box products can greatly reduce the cost of production, manufacturing and operation, which is also an important technical support for the development of new power systems in the future.”It is reported that Ankor started to develop the GIL in 2015, overcome nearly hundreds of problems such as electric field, material and machinery, and successfully developed the 1000kV GIL. In 2017, ankor obtained the world’s first type test report, filling the international blank.In 2020, three new GIL products developed by Ankor were evaluated by the expert group chaired by Academician Chen Weijiang of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The new 252kV single-phase and 550kV single-phase GIL products developed by Ankor reached the international advanced level, and the 252kV three-phase co-box GIL products were the first in the world and leading in the world.Advantages of GIL GIL transmission capacity is large, up to 6300kA, can be the same corridor multi-loop cable scheme combined with GIL transmission;GIL has a current operating life of 40 years and is expected to last 50 years.Compared with cable, it has lower annual operating cost in the whole life cycle.GIL’s operation monitoring and fire prevention are simpler than the cable and require less investment in regular replacement of auxiliary operation equipment.The cost of underground power transmission mainly lies in the investment of civil construction pipe gallery, which accounts for 50% ~ 70%. GIL can be flexibly arranged in various ways, which can be either in tunnel, surface or overhead, just like subway. Compared with full pipe gallery of high-voltage cable, civil construction cost can be greatly saved in some areas.In the future, Anju will lead the development of power grid and make positive contributions to the construction of global energy Internet with its pioneering new ideas and concepts of power transmission and transformation system.Ann from intellectual power, as you CALL the content source | liyang city combines video media center | CCTV, CCTV net | GuanQian this edit | xin cloud