Cold knowledge!The captain of the women’s football team, Wang Shanshan, was a volleyball player!

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One congratulatory call after another…On the night of Feb 6, Wang Ruijin, father of China’s women’s football team captain Wang Shanshan, hardly slept a wink. He was nervous, excited and happy.After the competition ended, Wang ruijin’s biggest wish is looking forward to his daughter can come home as soon as possible, the family have a reunion dinner.Wang Shanshan’s family and her first coach celebrate the victory of the Asian Women’s Cup.China scored three goals in the second half to win the Asian Women’s Cup against South Korea from 2-0 down in the final on Feb 6.Wang Shanshan, the captain of China’s women’s football team, was named the Most valuable player of the Asian Cup.The good news soon spread to Wang’s hometown of Luoyang, Henan Province.On February 7, Wang Shanshan’s home, located in Jianxi District, Luoyang city, was also lively. In this simple home, there were pictures of Wang Shanshan winning awards on the wall, and the most shining decoration was the MEDALS won by Wang Shanshan in various major competitions.In the face of congratulations from his neighbors, Wang Ruijin always tells visitors about his daughter’s relationship with soccer in detail.As a student, Wang shanshan had been a volleyball player at the women’s Asia Cup final on the evening of Feb. 6. Wang ruijin watched the match from Dongsheng No. 3 Primary School in Luoyang’s jianxi district, his daughter’s Alma mater.In the conference room of the school, Wang Ruijin, her family, Geng Hongjie, wang Shanshan’s first coach, and teachers and students from Dongsheng No. 3 Primary School cheered for the Chinese women’s football team and witnessed the moment when the Team won the gold medal.”I almost jumped when I scored my third goal.”Recalling the ups and downs of the final, Wang ruijin was still excited. “In the first half, our hearts were on edge, and in the second half, we scored three goals to come back and win.After the Chinese women’s soccer team won the gold medal, Wang Ruijin waved his arms at the camera and shouted: “My girl is the best!”Wang Ruijin knew how difficult it was for his daughter, Wang Shanshan, when he and his wife burst into tears despite their best efforts when they saw her holding up the trophy on TV during the award ceremony.Wang’s athletic talent was apparent when she was a student at Dongsheng No. 3 Primary School, but she was a volleyball player at the school. Geng Hongjie, her first coach, guided Wang to soccer, considering her height and future development, according to Wang Ruijin.After attending a sports school in Luoyang, Wang shanshan traveled around the country to train and compete. After joining the national team, Wang Shanshan became even busier.In the eyes of her parents, the indomitable daughter refuses to stop and rest for a few days throughout the year.”Whenever I ask her, she is always in training, either on the way or in a competition, and she only comes back for a few days during the Spring Festival to see her as a family.”Wang ruijin said that Before the New Year’s Day this year, Wang shanshan took time out to go home and hurried back to the team three days later. “During the Spring Festival, she was abroad playing in the Asian Cup, and the family couldn’t have a reunion dinner during the Spring Festival.”After China won the Asian Women’s Cup, wang Shanshan and her family did not have a video link until 1 am on Feb 7.”She sent photos of the trophy and MEDALS to us and shared our joy. She told us that the women’s team were so excited after winning the gold medal that they couldn’t eat at the celebration party and had instant noodles when they got back to the hotel.”Wang Shanshan’s brother, Wang Chen, told reporters that the family was proud of his sister, “she won honor for the country, for Henan, for Luoyang.”Although Wang Ruijin is now most looking forward to her daughter Wang Shanshan triumphant return home as soon as possible, the family can be reunited together, but after returning to isolation of a series of league still waiting for Wang Shanshan, reunion for luoyang this ordinary family seems to be an extravagant thing.”My girl is out there fighting for her country, and my whole family has her back.”Wang ruijin said that when his daughter returned home, the family would make her favorite Luoyang gravy noodles to comfort her.Written by Han Zhangyun/edited by Lu Zhongsheng/Xu Zhao