“Original” embrace new rules | decode Shaanxi Auto light truck 2022 accelerator

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The commercial automobile network looks like a new regulation, but in fact it looks like a shrinking regression, in fact it looks like a turmoil, in fact it looks like a dilemma, in fact it is policy-driven and market-driven, which is the power needed by the development of any industry.Before the exposure of the problem of “large ton and small standard”, the light truck industry seems to have fallen into the mire of infinite volume under the blind drive of the market, and the problems exposed from this, but also to the edge of having to solve.For more than two years after the May 21 incident, the light truck market experienced a precipitous drop in sales.The whole industrial chain began to innovate itself in the deep speculations on policies and the iterative positioning of products.Guo Pan, deputy general manager of Sandong Motor and general manager of sales company, “blue brand new regulations” has been settled for a whole month, but the far-reaching impact on the industry is still far from stopping.So, “blue new regulations” on the light truck industry what impact, manufacturing enterprises and how to face?Guo Pan, deputy general manager of Shandong Automobile and general manager of sales company, gave the answer.Positioning: return to the city with the source when a market problems, often may be the time to return to the source of rationality.Shandong Auto’s entry into the bureau coincides with the shock of the industry, which enables it to have a rational and clear understanding of the policy trend and market trend when planning products.In Guo pan’s view, capturing user value is by no means a short-term act.”To be sensitive to the market and keep calm and correct judgment in the face of disorderly growth of the industry is to respect the rules of the market and the biggest protection for each user.”Therefore, “return to the source” is the inevitable performance when the market development approaches maturity.At the beginning of 2022, “blue brand new rules” boots, perhaps its significance to the pushing of industry is not a word to word, but this appears to be the market back to reality; from the spontaneous, zhuifeng, disorderly, to have a standard can depend on, gradually on the right track, again in the market more and more segmentation, each professional application field is more and more deep and specialization.This makes the enterprises in the whirlpool, not only need to wait and see the change, calm down to think, but also should actively face and embrace the change.’The essence of the policy is to return blue light trucks to their roots,’ Mr. Guo said.Scene: Reorganization of transport mode The Blue light truck finally finds its place without having to do more than it can do.However, it is followed by the re-matching of the transportation scene and product positioning from production and manufacturing to marketing and then to users, especially dump trucks and barn trucks.In the new rules, in addition to the adjustment of the size of the cargo compartment of the light dump truck, the more important is to require the rear wheel to use a single tire structure, and the nominal width of the tire section is not more than 265mm, which will make the light dump truck with “rear wheel twin tires run the world” of high bearing advantages gone.This makes similar urban small building decoration materials waste transportation, landscaping, garbage transfer and other transportation scenarios, will be possible to choose yellow card dump truck.The new rules will be divided into two compartment space, the advantage is for the transport of small cargo, can more fully use the compartment space, but this will inevitably make the vehicle weight increase, cargo handling convenience decreased, but also part of the large cargo left outside.Layered CangShan car usage scenario will also return to the urban and rural distribution, trading above, light green logistics freight scenarios such as “it can be said that the new rules to the new requirement of blue card light trucks technical standards, make some models significant changes have taken place in terms of structure, size, it will directly change the user usage scenarios and transportation mode, its far-reaching influence on the market than countries five to six switch.”Guo Pan introduced.Research and development: the major change of industry standards driving the industrial chain is a huge test for the technical reserve capacity, research and development capacity and market adjustment capacity of light truck manufacturing enterprises.”We anticipated and prepared for this.Before the end of 2021, Shaanxi Auto light truck has made corresponding adjustments to its product line, in addition to blue brand products in line with the new regulations, there are also small displacement and yellow brand products covering other transportation scenarios.We have a complete line and a mature product.”This strategy makes Guo Pan appear calm and calm when talking about the switch of market standards.Guo Pan said, Shaanxi auto light truck not only from the correct understanding of the market, but also benefited from its powerful research and development strength behind.Shaanxi Auto Light truck continues to invest in engine research and development with the advantage of the group, and has arranged a series of power products with displacement of 2.5L and below according to regulations, matching with six-speed manual transmission, automatic transmission and small eight-speed automatic transmission, fully meeting the needs of different users.At present, the high-power engine of Weichai WP2.5N series equipped with 2.5L series products can provide a maximum output of 160 HP and 450N·m torque, and its powerful power is no less than that of 3L engine, which fully meets the demand of efficient transportation in urban distribution.Guo Pan believes that the “blue new regulations” have a huge impact on the whole light truck industry chain, which will invisibly improve the industry concentration of light truck industry, especially the enterprise’s resource allocation and research and development strength will appear at this time.Shaanxi Auto light truck in the group industry chain advantage, also has made full preparation.Standard: standardize logistics market orderly standardized market will have a virtuous cycle and sustainable benefits.The healthy development of light truck industry needs the self-discipline of the whole industry and the corresponding regulations and policies to maintain.”Blue brand new rules on” technical parameters made clear requirements for light trucks, and the vehicle announcement, registration, production, supervision, intensify constraint, or from the product source effectively eliminate light trucks “tons of small scale”, the overload transportation, freight to standardize the market order and transportation system, and promote the urban logistics to high-quality, high-end upgrades.Only fully understand the rules, strictly abide by the rules and rational use of the rules of the enterprise, can become the real strong in the market.As Guo Pan says, “After all, the logistics market will not shrink, nor will the amount of goods shipped.As a manufacturer, we should provide more reasonable capacity allocation to the market and better products and services to meet customers’ needs.