Suizhou Zeng Du: “Poor students” into the “upper middle”

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At the end of 2020, the Zengdu District Procuratorate in Suizhou city, Hubei Province, was designated as one of 129 grassroots procuratorates with relatively weak work in the country.A year has passed, how does the hospital take off its thin condition?Recently, the reporter walked into the Zengdu District Prosecutor’s Office to explore.”In 2021, Zengdu District Procuratorate won the honor of ‘Provincial Procuratorial Science and Technology Demonstration Institute’ and ‘Provincial Civilized Unit’. One case was selected as national typical case, and six cases were selected as provincial typical case…”Zengdu District Prosecutor general li Rufei introduced.In June 2000, Suizhou was approved by The State Council to withdraw the county and establish a city, becoming the youngest prefecture-level city in Hubei province. Zengdu District Procuratorate established in the same year also became one of the youngest grass-roots procuratorates in Hubei Province.It has become a national backwardness, where the “crux”, how to make up the short board, has become the hospital must face the problem.”The reason why we are weak is related to the historical reasons left over from the past, such as the lack of a corresponding increase in staffing after the withdrawal of counties and the establishment of cities, insufficient personnel strength and inadequate inspection and security, as well as the lack of energy and enterprising spirit in the personnel ranks.”At the democratic Life meeting held by the Party Group of Zengdu District Procuratorate at the end of 2020, members of the leading group of the Procuratorate thoroughly searched the “crux” and analyzed the reasons for the promotion of slimming.To solve the problem of people, to build up a strong procuratorial team, and to promote the removal of thin hats have become the top priority of the party group of the hospital determined to solve.Under the guidance of the procuratorates of Hubei Province and Suizhou City, the Institute analyzed and judged key issues restricting the high-quality development of procuratorial work one by one in accordance with the Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Construction of Grass-roots Procuratorates in the New Era formulated by the Provincial People’s Procuratorate.We sorted out 32 problems existing in the five aspects of serving the overall situation, procuratorial work, team building, strict party governance and inspection and security, formulated 39 rectification measures, and launched the “battle of breaking away from thin” with the strength of the whole hospital.Renew the “blood”, enhance the vitality of the team to break away from weaknesses, the key lies in people.By the end of 2020, zengdu District Procuratorate had a total of 38 police officers on staff, accounting for 19% of the number of police officers in Suizhou, but 47.9% of the number of cases handled by the city’s procuratorial organs.Prosecutors of the criminal prosecution department handled 148 cases per capita, ranking first among procuratorial organs in the province.The number of cases is high, leading to the hospital part of the police tired to deal with, the quality of handling cases is not high.How to solve the problem of manpower shortage?The institute starts with strengthening the leading group, optimizing the team structure and expanding the strength of case handling, focusing first on “removing the thin manpower”.Trains run fast, all by the front.Active coordination of the provincial level, liang’s procuratorate, the hospital 5 of 6 team members have been adjusted, among them from other places after the exchange has appointed a 75 chief procurators, deputy chief procurators, after a 70 selected and promote exchanges the three outstanding policemen after 85 respectively as deputy attorney general, director of the political department, JianWeiHui full-time members, effectively solve the problem of the weak team.In order to solve the problem of insufficient case-handling force, the provincial Procuratorial Office, under the coordination of the provincial Procuratorate, compiled 9 special items for the court.Suizhou People’s Procuratorate set up the “Procurator cooperative”, and allocated other staff of grassroots hospitals to help the hospital deal with difficult and complicated cases.Coordinate zengdu District government to recruit 10 labor dispatch personnel for the hospital.The Zengdu District Procuratorate also selected five legal professionals to enhance its ability to handle cases.In view of the problem of “lying flat” thought in some policemen, the hospital carried out in-depth heart-to – heart talks, detailed understanding of each policeman’s inner thoughts, to solicit everyone’s opinions and suggestions for the promotion of thinning, and do a good job in the ideological and political work of policemen.”We are gradually forming a consensus that the fight to get ahead is not a slogan, but a real one.”The director of the political department of the hospital.How to change the police’s ideology and judicial concept, improve the comprehensive element energy, and make up the short board of business is another big test that the hospital is facing.”The companies involved are big taxpayers, so we should implement the criminal justice policy of arresting fewer people, carefully prosecuting and carefully arresting them, and guide them to operate in compliance with the law.”This is in May 2021, the hospital held a young police case study activity a police talk.In 2021, the Institute held eight seminars on cases such as “Handling cases through politics and focusing on work”.The academy also combined case study with the party day activities of the branch theme, and determined 7 categories of 23 types of cases as necessary cases to be told and told. Through collective study and discussion and competition on the same stage, the police were guided to change the judicial concept and improve the level of handling cases.In order to strengthen the sense of responsibility of the police, the hospital of the whole hospital personnel to implement group management.The 25 key tasks assessed by the superior procuratorial organs will be set up one by one in charge of A post and B post, with A post fully responsible and B post assisting and cooperating. Through the appointment of personnel, appointment of post and appointment of responsibility, the procuratorial business management will be promoted from “extensive” to “refined” and the responsibility of work will be strengthened.In order to stimulate police consciousness, the hospital also took a number of measures to strengthen positive incentives.Explore the selection of “four masters and five stars and one team”, that is, the selection of high-quality cases, high-quality examples, high-quality documents, high-quality articles, learning stars, service stars, professional stars, courageous stars, intelligent stars and outstanding case handling team or work team;We gave full play to the “baton” role of procuratorial personnel assessment, timely adjusted and promoted policemen with excellent performance to key posts, and retired two procurators with insufficient capacity who could not meet the development needs of procuratorial work.In order to strengthen the construction of discipline and style, the hospital has made good efforts to fill in the “Three Provisions”. In 2021, a total of 79 people filled in the “three Provisions” items, and 23 people took the lead in filling in the “three Provisions” items.(Procuratorial Daily by Liu Yiting and Liu Dayin)