A song “Stranger”, pay tribute to the “foreign police” who stay up for the safe New Year

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The reunion of Spring Festival and the gathering of family members promise happiness and completeness in the coming YEAR. However, there are always some people who are doomed to miss the reunion and are doomed to spend the Spring Festival in another way because there are things in their hearts that are more important than going home…The Spring Festival of foreign police: this peace of mind is my hometown in Lianyungang police force, there is such a group of foreign police, among them there are enthusiastic service to the masses of the community police, there are traffic police to maintain the smooth road, there are the coastal defense police to protect the motherland’s maritime frontiers, there are criminal investigation police to crack down on crimes…They are quietly working to keep this city safe.Their mission in shoulder, due diligence, although the heart has sentimentally attached, but they know that a short separation, is for a long reunion.For them, “Stick to it” is their most affectionate Spring Festival blessing.Good public security detachment dangerous goods management brigade Yu Cheng Hometown: Yinchuan, Ningxia1516 kilometers of New Year’s Eve late at night, the first morning, I do not know if you have noticed those dimly visible Tibetan blue figure outside the window, wheel rotation, walking non-stop, the red and blue shoulder lights on the body, bright if the stars at the moment, so that the ban on burning fireworks and firecrackers of the Spring Festival is no longer silent and monotonous.Cheng Yu, as a police responsible for the management of dangerous goods, busy this Spring Festival, carrying out daily ban on release patrol, collecting, sorting and reporting ban on release of all kinds of data and information, for the guardian of “hong City blue” to contribute their own strength.”I can’t have dinner or watch the Spring Festival Gala with my parents on New Year’s Eve, but it is satisfying to call my parents and listen to their voices when I finish my busy work.”A country sound, across the screen, listen to the taste of home, a good, full of thousands of, through time and space to find the taste of the past.At the age of 28, away from home, although there is no lack of laughter, but the concern for home will suddenly come to my heart at a certain moment, a lump in my throat, wet eyes.Home: Heihe, Heilongjiang Distance from Home: 2361 km Cheliniushan Island is located in the northeast of Lianyungang, 66 meters above sea level, 47.5 kilometers away from the land, with a total area of 0.06 square kilometers. It is the smallest and highest island among the first three islands.With the first ray of sunshine in the Year of the Tiger, the bright five-star red flag rises on time on the island.And the flag-raiser is from the coastal defense detachment stationed in Cheniushan Island police Tao Wuertu, this is his sixth year with his comrades with the flag-raising ceremony to welcome the arrival of the New Year.This year 30 years old Tauurtu is a Mongolian young man, home in the border area, guard in the sea, more than 2000 kilometers home road, for him, is always unforgettable and look forward to.This year, the organization arranged for him to go home for the New Year, but before the original shift of his comrades home something, Taurtu learned the news, again take the initiative to go home to his comrades, he continued to stick to his post, his mother also called to comfort him, told him to have a country to have a home, everything is ok at home.”This is the territorial sea of our motherland, and we stand guard here.There are five – starred red flags flying, and I carry guns for her.”An island, isolated from the sea, the environment is difficult, but no amount of difficulties can never beat the public security coast defense island defenders.Tauurtu, a lover of literature and art, also composed his own lyrics and music to create the song of the Former Three Islands, singing the theme of the coastal defense police guarding the islands in the yellow sea of the motherland.By the Yudai River, stick to the front Line Haizhou Public Security Branch Xinnan Police Station Zhu Yingzhang Hometown: Nanping, Fujian Distance: 1100 km Early in the morning along the Yudai River, the fog is falling thick and fast.The decorated streets along the border, the neighbors and villagers wishing each other well, and the community police walking through the streets reflect a picture of the thick flavor of the New Year.Haizhou District Xinnan street Yudai, Xingye community police Zhu Yingzhang, this year’s New Year chose to stay in the Port city, New Year’s Eve to participate in the ban on duty until one o ‘clock in the morning, the first day at seven o ‘clock in the morning, and hurried to yudai new village, carry out anti-fraud, ban on fire ban and other propaganda work.”I only went back to nanping twice in 13 years since I was discharged from the army.More than 1,100 kilometers away from home, every Spring Festival can only call the old mother.Every time I call my mother, she keeps telling me to pay more attention to my health and do my job well.The other end of the phone, is the mother slightly choked voice, is a sentence of a sentence, a nagging;This phone, is a burst of silence, and homesick tears already wet eyes, full of canthus.Thirteen years of police life in Hong Kong city, eighteen years of kindness in Fujian.The original heart does not change from the police road, the dream around the native people.Swat, protect peaceful patrol special police detachment anti-terrorism ChuTu brigade Lin Jiong birch hometown: guangdong chaozhou Distance: 1507 km On 7 o ‘clock in the morning, when people were immersed in a winter jasmine fortune festival atmosphere, patrol special police detachment of lianyungang city public security bureau Lin Jiong birch and his colleagues have been armed to the teeth, began to patrol a day of work.Helmets, combat vests, shields, batons, guns and equipment, from the railway station, bus station and other key areas to Wanda Plaza, Longhai pedestrian street and other festival crowded places, the tour is a day.During the eight years from the army to the special police force, Lin jionghua worked on the front line almost every Spring Festival, and has not been back home for three years.They undertake the city’s patrol prevention and control and anti-terrorism anti-riot emergency task, 24 hours on duty, in addition to the normal patrol duty, but also ready to respond to emergencies.”Actually, I miss home too!I really want to go back to my hometown in Guangdong, 1500 kilometers away, to see my grandparents, parents, wife and children.Every time I watch a video with my family, I can t tell what it is like to see my parents with gray hair and my children growing taller.”My daughter-in-law told me that my mother would secretly wipe her tears after each video, but she was afraid to let me know because she feared I would worry.”But when he chose from the police of that moment, more than a feeling of the country and the responsibility of defending the country, the head of the solemn badge, the police uniform on the body, the shoulder of the country also let him understand the dedication of a family is not a million yuan.On Ping an Road, fluorescent traffic police detachment mobile brigade Wang Jian hometown: Baoji, Shaanxi Distance from home: 1197 km In the New Year’s Streets of Hong Kong City, always can see a touch of “fluorescent green”, they appear in the traffic jam section, appear at the scene of the accident, appear in you and me……With the time to go, follow the blocking point to go, and then the police go, whistling figure, became a beautiful scenery during the Spring Festival.Wang Jian of the traffic police detachment mobile brigade told the small editor that this year, actively respond to the national call, stay for the New Year, is responsible for themselves and their families, not mobile safety is the best New Year gift for their families.Besides, I got together with my family through video “cloud reunion” on New Year’s Eve. Although I could not eat baoji noodles made by my mother, it was still full of warmth and lunar New Year flavor.Since the choice of travel, goodbye, no longer want to see, children outside, native land, only wish everyone can be safe and festive.This peace of mind, is my township Guanyun County public Security Bureau zhong Ji police station Cui Shixiong hometown: Shanxi Yuncheng distance from home: 849 kilometers on duty police, dispute mediation, anti-fraud propaganda, rescue services……Police stations are still busy during the Spring Festival.As the police station instructor Cui Shixiong, take the initiative to give up visiting relatives back home in Shanxi, resolutely stick to his post.As a stranger, when I first came to Lianyungang, I was misunderstood as a fake policeman because of a foreign accent. However, as I visited the people for a long time and mediated disputes more frequently, the people under my jurisdiction all knew that a handsome boy was sent from Yuncheng, Shanxi.This year is the 18th year that he has left his hometown to work, where he has his own sweet little home and often brings his parents to stay with him for a few days.No matter how tired the job is, back home, listening to the nagging of the mother, looking at the child’s skin, an old and young happy, just know, family in, hometown will be in.Bus Public Security Branch Xinhai Bus Police Station Ma Jian Hometown: Siping, Jilin Distance from home: 1433 km Across the exit of lianyungang high-speed railway Station, standing tall and straight beside the door of the police are particularly eye-catching.Farewell the first high-speed train, ushered in the last wanderer, this is the most true portrayal of the police on duty.Ma Jian of xinhai public Transport police station, far away from his hometown, gave up the opportunity to go home this year, resolutely stick to the front line of Lianyungang High-speed Rail Spring Festival transport, epidemic prevention and control, public security patrol, service for the people, he is everywhere, everywhere can see the badge shining light.Years ago, far in Jilin Siping old father sent him a wechat message: stranger flowers, still can slowly return, but now winter to spring again, I do not know when to look forward to relatives return?One side is blood and blood, one side is heavy on his shoulders, but between “home” and “post”, he resolutely chose to stay.”Although I can’t go back to northeast China to visit my parents this year, I will turn my thoughts of them into a driving force to protect the passengers going out and returning to the city, and escort the safe reunion of thousands of families.”At the beginning of the four fulin ten thousand, safe guard he never unloaded armor!Stick to the wall, not purplish blue man in a detention center in lianyungang discipline group Wear sensitive hometown: jiangxi xiushui Distance: 933 km This year New Year’s eve, in the heavily fortified with high walls, the detention house in lianyungang discipline brigade deputy district chief men wear sensitive as usual, two rooms, sanitizers, measuring temperature, talking with the prisoner talk, comb clues.Since the outbreak in early 2020, he has not been back to his hometown in Jiangxi province for more than two years, and this is the second year in a row that he has been on duty on New Year’s Eve.53, sensitive, from the coastal defense forces in 2015 turned to a detention center in lianyungang, has twice been praised for “outstanding veterans”, 26 years of military refinement, 7 years JingYing forging, he put the soldiers ecru feelings into work with police, industriously, quiet devotion, in ordinary post, writing to a veteran.”When I was in the army, I thought only of one thing — to be a good soldier;Enter the public security, or just want to do one thing – when a good policeman.National epidemic situation is more serious, more strict supervision and epidemic prevention, as a regulatory civilian police, I am more good standing post to overcome difficulties, more than two years did not go home, really want to home, but the police is in itself a devotion, speak a career, I would like to use their own “no return” stand your ground, to ensure that prison is absolutely safe.”There is a kind of happiness that can be returned to my hometown, but can be left behind. There is a kind of perseverance that can protect the safety and security of Hong Kong City with 5.3 million people on watch. There is a kind of belonging that I work as a policeman in Hong Kong City