Chen Meina: The residents are my relatives. It is also warm to spend the New Year in the community

2022-04-29 0 By

The Spring Festival, in this day of family reunion, but there are still many people stick to their posts, silently pay in their posts, writing the most beautiful “professional blessing” in the new era.Chen Meina, 41, works in the second Community of Tiantong Dongyuan, South Street of Tiantong Yuan, her hometown is Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province.This Spring Festival, Chen Meina cancelled the original plan to return home, chose to stick to the post, she told reporters: “Although this year’s Spring Festival can not go home to reunite with my family, I feel a little regret.But my family is very understanding and supportive of my work, which also helps me to work here and relax with my family.”During the Spring Festival, community workers are even busier than usual as they must strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure the normal life of residents.Chen Meina in addition to do a good job outside Beijing personnel return to Beijing statements, but also to the community checkpoint on duty.”For the residents who enter the community, scan the code, measure the temperature, and do a good job of registration of those who have returned to Beijing. We urge the property management to do a good job in the elimination of public areas in the community, and jointly protect our beautiful home.”Chen Meina introduced.When Chen Meina learned that two elderly people in building 10 of the community, their children are working in other places and like her, they choose to spend the Spring Festival there instead of going home to accompany their parents.Chen Meina and her colleagues came to the elderly, intimate company, let the elderly feel the warmth of the community family.Resident Zhang Auntie said, the community of party members and cadres are quite take care of the elderly in our community, we have anything to find them, will immediately solve, give us a lot of help, we are also very grateful to them.Chen Meina’s diligent work practices have also been recognized by colleagues around her.Tiantongyuan south street Tiantongdongyuan second community Party secretary Liu Sen told reporters that Chen Meina is a very good community workers, no matter who came to her, she will timely solve the problems of residents.Chen Meina often said that the community residents are their own relatives, and it is warm to celebrate the New Year with their relatives. Through her work, residents’ happiness has been enhanced, and the development of the community has been harmonious, which is the biggest affirmation and encouragement for her hard work.Photo and text by Li Tingting