Fufeng county “five checks five than” discipline style rectification activities

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Fufeng county “five checks five than” discipline style rectification activities how to carry out?Guiding ideology to xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study the party’s nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session and general secretary to shan xi the important speech spirit of important instructions, commission for discipline inspection session, earnestly implement the central provinces and cities at all levels of the “two sessions”, provincial communist party plenum and county seventeen congress of deployment requirements,By conducting the “five check five” discipline attitude reorganization activities, break the party member cadre “lazy slow virtual crude drag” style ills, new journey for a new era of a struggle, forge ahead, building “three five counties”, strive to write a new chapter provides strong out high quality new era development safeguard, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.What is “five checks and five ratios”?01 Check thought, compare understanding, improve the station 02 check concept, compare innovation, stimulate vitality 03 check responsibility, compare take on responsibility, promote development 04 check ability, compare implement, enhance efficiency 05 Check discipline, compare style of work, optimize service what is the focus of rectify?01 check thought, than understanding, improve station position.Check whether there are problems such as superficial political theory learning, superficial understanding of “the country”, political discipline and political rules implementation is compromised, the implementation of the report system is not in place, keen on “antenna”, spreading “gossip”, staying on the sidelines, making sarcastic remarks and so on.Compared with the results of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the understanding of the decisive significance of “two establishment” and the self-consciousness of practicing “two maintenance”.We will improve our political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy, and ensure that the major decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the work arrangements of party committees at the provincial, municipal, and county levels are implemented.02 Look up ideas, than innovation, stimulate vitality.Check whether there are conservative ideas, content with the status quo, lack of pioneering spirit, inadequate to deal with new problems and new challenges, not enough courage to do, in urgent and difficult tasks and reform and innovation work, “cherish feathers”, do not clear, do not go up and other problems.Compared with the determination to innovate and strive for first-class, the confidence to forge ahead and march forward courageously, and the perseverance to wait for no time and take a long time for success, we will create experience, brand and highlight in the implementation of the “Nine Major actions”.Stimulate the vitality of party members and cadres in the county to catch up and surpass, take the initiative to “jump out of the fufeng see fufeng”, in the investment, culture and tourism business integration development and other aspects to maintain aggressive, vigorous, tenacity.Check responsibility, take responsibility and promote development.Check whether there is a sense of responsibility is not strong, just want to be an officer do not want to do, just want to take power do not want to take responsibility, just want to give glory do not want to work, heavy tasks “look down”, work gap “look back”, empty to cope with, contradictions handed in, chest beat dangdang, but after action and other problems.It is better to fulfill its responsibilities in epidemic prevention and control, workplace safety, and ecological and environmental protection.To promote development, strive to the top, in accelerating the construction of the park, urban construction, modern agriculture and other aspects of continuous efforts, in the county to form a “bowing into the bureau” shoulder responsibility, “worthy” as an example, “give up my who” when the benchmark of the good situation.04 check ability, implement than, enhance efficiency.Check whether there are poor ability and quality, do not master the new situation, do not learn the decision-making and deployment of provinces and counties, do not study the business knowledge, the awareness of the rule of law is not strong, simple and rough working way, rough work quality, a little knowledge, speak amateurish, when the “basic manager” “About Mr.” and other problems.Compared to grasp the implementation of the method, efficiency, quality, than dry business skills, skills, effectiveness.Enhance the efficiency of hard work, hard work, fast work, in each unit, each system forging business exquisite, excellent ability, comprehensive quality, administration by law cadre team, do a good job of high-quality development of the answer sheet, strive for first-class in the country, the province for the position, the city for excellent, win the masses good reputation.Check discipline, compare style, optimize service.Check whether there is a lax style of discipline, late and early leave, off guard slip, play games at work, stock trading, online entertainment, eat and take cards to, “obstruction”, willful law enforcement, “good into the door, good face, things do not do”, drink driving, gambling, participation in feudal superstition and other problems.Than perseverance to grasp the style of concentration, focus on the strength of the style, strict from the real to the style of action, the county up and down resolutely break formalism, bureaucracy, full of compliance with rules and discipline, standardize the use of power, for the people, clean and moral integrity of the new wind.We will improve services to improve people’s wellbeing, promote rural revitalization, and promote common prosperity, further improve the business environment, and work as “facilitators”.Methods Step 1 Study and discussion stage From February 7 to February 13 2 Self-examination and self-correction stage from February 14 to February 20 3 Centralized rectification stage from February 21 to February 27 4 Consolidation and promotion stage from February 28 to March 6 Work requirements 01 Strengthen the organization and leadership of towns and streets, departments and units to attach great importance toTake this activity as an important task at present, thoroughly study and judge the ideological style of the cadres of the unit, carefully formulate the plan, carefully organize and implement it, so as to make precise policies and apply the right medicine to the case.Towns (street) party (Labour) appoint, leaders of all departments at the county level party organizations is mainly to take the initiative to shoulder “first person” responsibility, team members should earnestly implement “a pair of responsibilities”, take the lead in learning discuss ZhaJiu, take the lead, lead the improved style, practical “key a few” play a good role to form “leading wild goose effect”, promote the reorganization activities go deep.02 to strengthen the supervision and inspection by the county commission for discipline inspection committee to take the lead, province charter, the county, the county party committee organization department and county people club bureau of joint inspection, take no notice, don’t say “hello”, don’t listen to the report, need not accompanied, straight to the scene of the grassroots and into the way to carry out the supervision inspection, the action is slow, low standards, measures reported fewer units,Units with outstanding problems and insignificant rectification effects are urged to carry out “remedial lessons”.Each town (street) discipline (industry) committee, the dispatch discipline inspection and supervision group should unblock the letter to report the channel, announce the report method to the society in a timely manner, carry out an open investigation around prominent problems, deal with the units and individuals violating the discipline strictly and quickly, and name and surname notification exposure, forming the county and town two levels of joint supervision work pattern.Strengthening publicity and guidance The Publicity department of Fufeng County Party Committee, the county finance media center and all units should increase the publicity of the rectification activities, and timely report the work dynamics to the relevant provincial and municipal departments and news media.Columns should be set up on the fufeng County government portal website, the Fufeng Party construction website, the Fufeng discipline inspection and supervision website and wechat platforms at all levels to regularly report the progress of the activities and improve the awareness rate of the general public.All evaluated integratedly, departments and units to carry out activities and the implementation of the spirit of the party’s sixth plenary of the nineteenth, and do a good job in 10 pieces of the practical work of the people’s livelihood, such as the key work, combined with the functions of the unit is mainly responsibilities, to guide party members and cadres to inspire the enthusiasm, into the clerkstarts strong driving force.Source: Fufeng County Discipline Inspection Commission