Our province hundreds of catering enterprises launched a number of New Year benefits

2022-04-29 0 By

Eight treasure rice, bad pork, sandwich sand, balls, sauce elbow, crispy duck, yellow braised belt fish, spicy pork…As the Spring Festival approaches, hotels and restaurants in Lanzhou have launched a variety of New Year products, which not only have the hometown delicious beloved by Lanzhou people, but also have the local characteristics that can be eaten in both north and south.Recently, under the guidance of gansu Provincial Department of Commerce, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Gansu Cuisine Association, “Eat in Jincheng Delicious Lanzhou” 100 restaurants to welcome the Spring Festival to promote consumption activities are under way, until February 26, 100 catering enterprises in the province in their respective stores to carry out various forms of discount activities.The promotion of consumption activities in the Spring Festival, Jingyanglou catering company launched a preferential policy is: members of the value of storage value of gold and dishes;Lanzhou Drunken xian Lou launched a consumption of 200 free eight treasure rice, consumption of 500 free drunken xian stewed chicken;Xiangmanbuilding launched the New Year 30 yuan voucher free time robbery;Jinwei Delamen Group has launched a 100 yuan voucher for each consumption of more than six people.Jincheng Gaan old man launched a deposit value of 2000 yuan to send 300 yuan cash coupons, and then send 1000 yuan vouchers;Gansu and family hotel and catering company’s 11 goubuli all participated in the activities, launched for 2 to 3 person of originality of his meal, for 4 to 5 packages such as ratio of package, as well as four xi jin zun lion, laba garlic burning beef tendon, manual rice cakes burning ribs, deep-sea flatfish dishes such as Greenland 85 discount activity;Kitchen King Li’s abalone Workshop offers 10 abalone for 49 yuan, the original price of 98 yuan;Binbin and Weilou launched the overlord meal, three times as much as the meal when the meal free activities.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Zhao Wenrui