The maldini will have to learn giroud’s attacking instincts and zelinski could theoretically take over from dybala

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Giroud’s form after the winter break has been so good that cassano called on his strikers to learn from him during the football programme – the son of Maldini needs to learn from giroud’s sense of attack in order to establish himself in serie a.Danielle is the son of maldini, who did not go on loan to another club during the winter break, and many experts feel maldini has delayed his son’s development.Antonio Cassano says he needs to learn from his team-mates now that the son of the stadio Olimano is staying at milan.Olivier Giroud is a role model for Daniel. Giroud is past his prime physically, but the France veteran is getting better and better in attack and Pioli needs to teach the younger players his strengths.Dybala’s new contract with Juventus management is not going well, and with the Argentine star looking increasingly likely to leave the club, Cassano has suggested that zelinski could theoretically replace dybala.Poland star Zielinski plays for Napoli and the lightning have improved this season, with luciano Spalletti’s stars falling prey to the big clubs.According to serie A media reports, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are interested in Osmeyn, while a number of teams are also keen on lozano, while Chelsea are keen on Coulibaly as a replacement for rudiger.Zielinski has become a hot transfer figure as napoli’s striker.Although zielinski and dybala have different feelings in terms of position and technical characteristics, Cassano said the two men have the same functional attributes – they both use their skills to plan the team’s attack, and their main task is to set up the attack.So in theory zielinski could be dybala’s replacement and nedved could consider the Polish star.Many still remember giroud from the World Cup in Russia, when he helped France lift the World Cup with a goalless record, and deschamps was under pressure during the build-up to the tournament.Because giroud has not been scoring, people feel that the striker can not score is not justified, giroud should be on the bench.Deschamps insisted that giroud start the final, and as deschamps and many other experts have explained, giroud’s role is not to score goals, but his fulcrum and pull in the box is very important.When Giroud is in front, the attacking players behind him have a chance.According to Cassano, it would be an underestimate of giroud’s awareness and potential if the outside world saw his function as simply “to attract the attention of the defence”. The France veteran is very good at scoring goals, but his ability to tackle has not diminished with age.Giroud is getting more experienced and his attacking sense has been evident in these games as he has scored twice in two consecutive games.Maybe some fans will say, maldini’s son can’t play as a centre-forward, how will he learn giroud’s sense of attack?Antonio Cassano explains this – as a former golden boy of Apennines football, cassano knows that attacking mentality is not directly related to position.Danij’s defensive ability and tackling instincts are also good, which is why many people expect the Colts son to switch to fullback.The grandfather and father of the team’s son were both great defensive players, and Daniel’s talent lies in defense.However, the son of the Colts still has to perform on the offensive line, he wants to be different from his elders, he has to improve his offensive awareness.So, the son of the horseman needs to learn giroud’s sense of attack.To be fair, Lewan is arguably the most important player in Polish football, while Zelinski is more or less the number two.The lightning may have less of a platform for Zelinski, although Juventus are worse off than Napoli in the standings this season.However, Gientoli can offer wages, certainly not as good as Agnelli.With dybala largely out of the side, the Argentine star leaves a big hole, as his creativity and technical ability are something that no other bianconeri player can replace.So nedved needs to work on the signings, massimiliano Allegri’s system will not change much, the team still needs the core system, Bentancour has joined tottenham, locatelli’s position is not at the front.Zelinsky’s technical characteristics are stable, his organizational ability is strong.So zelinsky could theoretically succeed Dybala.Cassano stressed the “theory” that a transfer to one of the premier league’s top teams could easily cause a stir.Zelinski has feelings for the lightning and, even if he is wanted by another club, cassano feels he will move to another league rather than give his former club’s direct rivals a run for their money.Although Juventus’ overall strength and financial situation are better than napoli’s, spalletti’s team is improving so fast that Zelinski may be willing to stay at Napoli on the basis of the club’s potential.