What are the causes of piglet diarrhea?How does piglet loose long cure does not heal?Symptomatic treatment is critical

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There are many reasons for piglet diarrhea, such as (1) bacterial infectious diseases: piglet yellow white dysentery, pig diarrhea, colibacillosis;② Viral diseases: infectious gastroenteritis, porcine epidemic diarrhea, porcine rotavirus disease;Nutritional diarrhea: dyspepsia.We should aim at these different reasons and carry out symptomatic treatment, so as to cure piglet diarrhea. Here are the three types of treatment methods respectively introduced to you.Piglet yellow white dysentery is an acute intestinal infectious disease caused by Escherichia coli.Among them, piglet yellow dysentery is more common in piglets born 1~3 days, the main characteristics are: severe diarrhea, pull yellow loose stools, rapid death.The mortality rate is 100% for piglets that are infected 24 hours after birth without timely treatment.Piglet yellow diarrhea occurs in piglets 5 to 25 days of age and is characterized by white, gray, or yellow mushy, sticky stool with a fishy smell.Porcine dysentery is a disease that can occur in all seasons of the year, regardless of age, breed, and season.The main features are: decreased appetite, diarrhea with blood.The treatment methods are as follows: we can give lactating piglets at 30 days of age with oral administration of ricketapol + conservation of ricketapol to repair damaged gastrointestinal mucosa and help regulate the intestines and stomach of the piglets to adapt to the feed.For big pig dysentery, suggest you use: diarrhea taibao needle, for treatment.2. Infectious gastroenteritis and other viral diseases for infectious gastroenteritis, pig epidemic diarrhea, pig rotavirus disease these diseases disciple that infectious disease caused by pig diarrhea, we can be divided into three steps for treatment.① Anti-inflammatory and diarrhea, mixing material use: amoxicillin + colistin sulfate, injection use: diarrhea Taibao needle, fast diarrhea.② To clear heat and detoxification, qingwen Taibao + Jing Jiandu Powder was used to increase antibodies in sows and improve immunity.③ Regulate the intestines and stomach, use the conservation taibao (pigs of less than 100 catties), accelerate the fattening Taibao (pigs of more than 100 catties).In addition, while we are treating, we must carry out a comprehensive elimination of pig farms. It is suggested to use: potassium bisulfate of small livestock, spraying pig farms, widely eliminate all kinds of pathogenic viruses, to prevent the spread of the disease.Nutritional diarrhea piglet milk quality is poor, or feed nutrition is not enough, nutrition matching ratio is not balanced, or feed mildew deterioration, and so on, these reasons can lead to piglet malnutrition, diarrhea.We can give piglet mix material to use: multidimensional taibao, supplement a variety of vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements, comprehensive nutrition, accelerate metabolism cycle, improve immunity, promote piglet body to restore health.These are the three causes and treatments of piglet diarrhea. I hope today’s sharing can help you solve the problem of piglet diarrhea.You can click below to follow, like, favorites or forward to more friends in need.