Dajing Justice Institute of Jiang ‘an County Justice Bureau organized community correction subjects to watch Changjin Lake

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to further improve the quality of education and correction for community correction objects and stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of community correction objects, during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, dajing Justice Institute of Jiang ‘an County Justice Bureau organized 10 community correction objects in its area to watch the red film Changjin Lake at home through wechat management group, and carried forward the great spirit of fighting against the United States and aiding Korea.The movie “Changjin Lake” to the Changjin Lake battle in the war against the United States and Aid Korea as the background, tells a magnificent history.The Ninth Corps of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army went to Korea to fight without hesitation. In an extremely difficult environment, it overcame unimaginable difficulties such as lack of clothing, little food and extreme cold. With its iron will and heroic fighting spirit, it killed the enemy courageously, reversed the battlefield situation, and finally realized the purpose of defending the country and repelling the American army.After watching the movie, the objects of community correction wrote down their views. They were deeply moved by the volunteers’ spirit of defending their country, fighting bravely and not fearing sacrifice. They regretted that they did not abide by the law, violated the red line of law and brought trouble to the country, and promised that they would abide by the law, be a good person and cherish the hard-won life.For the great rejuvenation of the motherland, prosperity and contribute to their own strength.(Wang Xianyuan, XUE Wenjing, Luo Jie)