Before Uzi “lone swimmer”, after A shui “poor kaiba”, seemingly smearing but actually promoting

2022-05-03 0 By

Since his comeback, Uzi has once again become a hot topic in the entire LPL division even though he has not appeared in the professional arena once. Whether it is praising him or discrediting his remarks, it will become a hot topic in the entire esports circle.It can also be seen that Uzi is still the traffic password of the off-field forum in today’s LPL competition area. From the “Lone swimmer incident” some time ago, I believe we all have some feelings. The blackness of Uzi to the extreme, with skills and features, will also be regarded as a “classic” sharp comment.I thought this incident would stop for a while at the beginning of the year. After all, there were no games or activities in the near end of the year, and everyone was busy with the New Year. However, some netizens got tired of the topic of Uzi and began to focus on Shui.Before there is Uzi “lonely swimmer” and water “poor open place”, has been LPL division two champion lyrics composition, not to talk about whether the content is true, lyrics are radical, with this discredit these two top AD’s well-intentioned, have to praise for these intentional netizens.Although the remarks of the two songs are quite aggressive and critical, there are also some facts that cannot be refuted. At the same time, I can feel that the mentality of the writers and composers of the original works is “hate iron can not become steel”.In light of the example of Uzi’s “lone swimmer”, people should not be too extreme in their view of these songs for professional athletes. Maybe the composer behind the song was a big fan of Uzi and Ah Shui, just like everyone else.Just think: if you don’t like a player to the extreme, who will care about their good or bad matches, and who will happen in these professional players on the famous meme in mind?Take Uzi “Lone swimmer” for example, “Champion of the Void” and “Who says a champion can’t come from the Void”, the entire song has no black spots except for Uzi’s career failure to win the WORLD champion trophy in THE S-championship.On the other hand, could this be interpreted as the composer confirming Uzi’s reputation for everything except winning the No S contest?And the current water “poor open” of the purpose is more clear: just for the current TES in the new season start bad record, as well as TES fans will blame all the loss on the auxiliary body of the topic.As we all know, the TES of the new season after the completion of the establishment was officially identified as “Galactica”, sent away a cumbersome 369, TES less a “back pot man”, play wild and recruited the world champion play wild small day, let YM wild reunion.However, TES in the new season did not play the “Galactica” effect, but there is a rotten sense of both, which is really in line with the “poor open pendulum” lyrics evaluation: in the Cup lost tiger teeth, poor open pendulum!Spring game 2-3, xi xi ha ha ha poor open pendulum!Take TES to set up this galaxy after the game record, contrast the strength of the lineup and luxury configuration of the gap, there is indeed “open” that flavor.Although at present, after TES lost the game, all the points pointed to the doomed auxiliary, but in fact, AH Shui and Knight double C are also not in the state, the whole TES team may only Zoom in the stable play.This song was born for TES may also be a good thing, especially for the water, because everyone’s understanding on the water character, he is a not easily affected by the outside world public opinion, and that the first “poor open place” in the lyrics, the content of the whole heart every word precisely the attendance today, water and TES of the existing problems.In addition, the act of writing a song for a professional player can sometimes not be judged by the lyrics alone.Think about why only Uzi and Shui enjoy this “VIP treatment” so far?In the final analysis, it is because these two are still the apple of the eye and the traffic password of the whole LPL competition area, their status in the LPL competition area has not been decreased by the influence of the results. It seems to smear and deny their past achievements, but in fact, it is because they hate Uzi for not making up for the regret of winning the CHAMPION of S competition.”Hate” a water did not take the mantle of inheritance Uzi.