Facing high traffic police continue to carry out night inspection drunk driving rectification action!Three “drinking drivers” were fined

2022-05-03 0 By

In order to further crack down on drunk driving drunk driving illegal and criminal behavior, to prevent the road traffic accident caused by drunken driving drunk driving, effectively helping accident prevention “big reduction control work, earnestly safeguard the people’s life and property safety, according to the unified deployment of the county public security bureau, February 14th night, lingao county public security bureau traffic management team relying on the road, long service mechanism,We will focus on carrying out night inspections to severely punish serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and drunken driving.In the action, according to the traffic situation of the area and the characteristics of the people’s travel, the Traffic management brigade of Lingao County Public Security Bureau organized and deployed carefully, highlighting the key periods and sections, setting up checkpoints on the streets of the area and the sections with concentrated dining and entertainment, and carrying out centralized night inspection and unified action by fixed-point inspection and police patrol.We will strictly investigate all kinds of serious traffic violations, such as drunk driving and license-related, and rectify illegal behaviors such as drivers not wearing seat belts and riders not wearing safety helmets, so as to form a situation of strict investigation and supervision, effectively purify the traffic environment of the roads in the jurisdiction and protect the safety of the people.During the period, the police on duty dress properly, do a good job of their own safety protection, and standardize the use of law enforcement recorders, alcohol detectors and other law enforcement equipment, civilized and standardized law enforcement.The illegal behavior of drunk driving will be strictly punished in accordance with the work requirements of “zero tolerance” and will not be tolerated.In order to consolidate and strengthen the majority of drivers “do not drink, drink do not drive” safety awareness and action consciousness.The night inspection operation sent 34 police officers, 16 police cars, including 3 drunk driving motor vehicles, motorcycles did not wear safety helmets in accordance with the provisions of 18 cases, 53 other traffic violations, safety persuasion and education 70 people.