Poster News will reimburse fans for the full cost of 2022 tickets!Heze and a small man won the prize

2022-05-03 0 By

Public network · poster news reporter Zhou Chen heze reported “New Year prize, good luck!”On January 28, zhao Shijin, a heze user on Dazhong · Poster News, received a ticket reimbursement of 129 yuan into his account. The New Year gift made him “happy for several days”.Zhao Shijin, a freshman at Qingdao Vocational College of Hotel Management, saw a campaign on his school’s official wechat account a few days ago. Hoping to give it a try, he downloaded the APP and took part in the campaign to reimburse tickets home.”I was so happy that the lucky one was me.”Zhao shijin told poster News that after downloading the APP, he uploaded his bank account and ticket, and within days, he learned he had won the lottery. The 129 yuan he had paid for a general express ticket from Qingdao to Juye had been fully reimbursed.When reporters asked about “news” poster APP, Zhao Shijin said very satisfied, he said: “unlike other news APP, ‘posters’ no advertising, there are also some very important news, like’ learning power, personally, because I dislike the advertisement, so I like it very much ‘news’ poster.”From January 25 to February 15, poster News cooperated with 12306, the official ticket booking platform, to jointly carry out the activity of “see poster news home ticket”.If you download the poster news app and participate in the hashtag # See poster News ticket home, you may get a chance to get a ticket reimbursement.During the campaign, Poster News will reimburse 2,022 train tickets with travel dates between Jan 1 and Feb 15 for netizens returning to Shandong during the Spring Festival.