How to choose a school to avoid stepping on a pit

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More and more MBA students will be dazzled during the selection process. How to choose to avoid stepping on pits?First of all, the first point, school choice, the choice of a normal university, admitted by Ministry of Education to avoid a pheasant from the university, here can log on to the Chinese Ministry of Education foreign supervision network, look for foreign colleges and universities, choose to enrol in colleges and universities in the country, see whether there is the information you want to sign up for colleges, foreign regulatory network archival filing list of school education is admitted in normal university.The second point needs to pay attention to the identification of the certificate, must be optimistic about the certificate itself issued by the university before studying, avoid getting school-level diploma or non-university formally issued degree certificate.Third, in studying institutions choice, must choose the established international MBA education institutions, it is best can last more than 10 years of running international MBA class, the educational institutions for the international school rules more clear, graduated from both teaching and coaching, are more reliable, at the same time, through the test of time, more trustworthy.Nankong Education was founded in Wenxin Campus of Zhejiang Provincial Party School in April 2007. In April 2016, nankong Education moved to China (Hangzhou) Human Resource Service Industry Park. In 2014, it set up branches in Ningbo Institute of Technology and Chongqing University.It is the only teaching point of Asian City University in Chongqing, Zhejiang and zhejiang branch of Chinese Travel and Equine Alumni Association.Since its establishment, it has trained more than 2,000 students of various levels and specialties, including 18 in-service MBA classes in Zhejiang, and more than 1,000 leaders of enterprises and institutions of party and government organs who have graduated or are currently studying. The school has been recognized and praised by many students and enterprises and institutions for more than 10 years.Wish sincerely and friends from all walks of life hand in hand, in talent training to create brilliant.