Old customers to introduce the successful purchase of free car maintenance package

2022-05-04 0 By

Friends along with the ceremony, sheng and welfare season “friends” enjoy, “recommended” car polite – Xiamen Sheng and store old customers Thanksgiving feedback began!From now on, as long as you are the owner of Guangqi Honda, introduce your relatives and friends to Guangqi Honda Shenghe shop to buy a car successfully, you can get the following gifts: old customers recommended to enjoy a good gift ① basic maintenance 1 time ② four wheel positioning coupon 1 ③ four wheel dynamic balance coupon 1 ④ 200 yuan spray painting coupon 2 new customers triple gift a, to the shop gift:Old customers and friends can get a customized glass by SMS to the store. 2. Test drive gift: New customers can get a customized key chain gift box from Guangzhou.New customers successfully book to enjoy exclusive treatment, the value of 1688 yuan ① 2 barrels of green barrel oil ② 200 yuan sheet injection coupon 2 pieces ③ four wheel positioning coupon 1 piece ④ four wheel dynamic balance coupon 1 piece ⑤ ozone sterilization coupon 1 piece activity time from February 16, 2022 to June 30, 2022