The 30th “Spring of Science and Technology” publicity activity of Xi ‘an city will be held next month

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The 30th “Spring of Science and Technology” publicity month in Xi ‘an will be held from March 25 to April 25, the reporter learned from the city association for Science and Technology on March 17.”Spring of science and technology awareness month” activities in line with the objectification, grounding, warm hearts, center of gravity down, the principle of service at the grassroots level, in order to advance to consolidate development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization, and communities in organization mobilize social forces from all walks of life in rural areas, into the campus, into the enterprise, into the community, into the organs, the innovation to carry out the volunteer service of science and technology, mass organizations of science popularization activity.During the awareness month, a number of special activities will be carried out.Efforts will be made to promote science popularization among farmers, and efforts will be made to promote education and training in agricultural science and technology and to cultivate leaders in rural innovation and entrepreneurship.We mobilized institutions of higher learning, research institutes, agricultural technical associations, and specialized rural cooperatives to carry out intellectual services for rural revitalization, and carried out online promotion activities of practical rural technologies through the form of “Internet plus”.We will carry out publicity on health care and disease prevention and control, and provide comprehensive services for the elderly, women and children left behind in rural areas.Popularization activities for teenagers.We organized a group of science popularization experts to visit primary and secondary schools to carry out a series of activities to promote the “scientist spirit” and the “spirit of moving to the west” and cultivate students’ patriotism.Organize safety and health education activities on physical and mental health and self-protection for adolescents.Institutions such as universities, research institutes, creative Spaces, enterprises, science and technology museums, and popular science education bases will be organized to open high-quality science education resources and hold various learning and practice activities.Science education activities such as campus science festivals and popular science caravan Tours will be carried out extensively.Popularization of science among industrial workers.Organize the service team of science and technology experts to carry out activities of “sending technology, training and service” in industrial parks to promote the innovation and development of enterprises.We launched campaigns to stabilize employment and improve vocational skills, and held education and training programs for rural migrant workers in cities, vocational skills competitions, and innovation and efficiency training programs.We will invite entrepreneurs, skilled masters, skilled craftsmen, model workers, and outstanding college graduates to hold seminars and discussions, and vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship.Community residents popularization activities.Organization science experts corps to carry out the medical and health services, mental health counseling, the popular science propaganda activities, such as food waste and ecological environmental protection lecture on science fitness, fitness guidance services, to carry out disaster prevention and reduction, safety, first aid skills such as emergency safety of popular science activities, improve public safety consciousness and the ability to save your protection, emergency rescue.Focus on the needs and difficulties of the elderly in applying intelligent technology and integrating into a smart society, and popularize the knowledge of intelligent technology.Xi ‘an press all media reporter Guan Ying