Beijing Happy Valley must play 9 events, play is the heartbeat, don’t come to experience?

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The 9 must-see events in Beijing Happy Valley are: 1. Air catapult roller coaster.2, suspended mountain bike.3. Himalayan Eagle Music Roller coaster;4. Pink suspension roller coaster;5. The Odyssey;6, the pendulum amplitude of nearly 250 degrees;The twins of heaven and earth;Yarlung Zangbo River rafting;9. Dessert Kingdom.1. The Air Catapult roller coaster.It’s fast, going 20 stories, two high points in the air to experience weightlessness.The overall feeling is too fast, too fast, top speed of 135 km/h, top height of 60 meters.The most characteristic of it is that it starts with people and cars rushing forward at full speed. It feels overweight at the beginning and weightlessness at the first dive.2, suspended mountain bike.Known as one of the largest suspended roller coasters in Asia, it can climb up to 12 floors at a high speed, including flipping, spinning, experiencing weightlessness, zero-gravity rolling, side rolling and flying like an eagle.You can sit in rows of 20 at a time, or two at a time, 10 rows in total.Himalayan Eagle Music roller coaster.Beijing Happy Valley imported it from Switzerland at great expense. It is 1200 meters long, about 66 seconds, with about three dive points, which is slightly slower than the Speed Car.4. Pink Suspension roller coaster.Switzerland is the world’s top producer, the world’s only pink roller coaster, is really a girl’s heart of pink roller coaster.This roller coaster is suspended, with the track above the head. The whole body is fixed only at the waist and hips, and the feet are suspended in the air, which makes the experience more intense and gives the body more freedom.5. Odyssey.Torrent yong into, cool over a summer.It is a classic project of Beijing Happy Valley. There are two slope sections in the whole process, and you can see the height outside. The last two or three rows are wet with water, so you can wear a free raincoat.The thrill level is relatively light compared to the big roller coasters.Twenty people can sit in one car.Except for two slopes, they float on the water and out into the open.6. Big pendulum.The swing can reach nearly 250 degrees, which is unmatched by other pendulums. It is known as one of the largest pendulums in Asia.In good weather, this project is very enjoyable to watch and feel free to fly.This is not for kids.7, heaven and earth, namely jumping machine, composed of falling tower and space shuttle tower, the two towers are not the same color, the mode of play is not the same, a short time, a longer time.The two towers are the same height, the crash tower is 79 meters, the top does a rapid descent from top to bottom, while the other shuttle reaches the top of 56 meters in two seconds without stopping and descends directly, playing with the heartbeat.When you reach the top of the tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of happy Valley.Yarlung Zangbo River rafting, refreshing summer, experience rafting.Suitable for summer, the whole journey of 10 minutes, anyone can play, slope is very small without weightlessness, very likely to lose body.In the process of sitting careful passers-by hit “water cannon”.9, dessert kingdom, is a fairy tale by “cookies” “cake” to do the house, and super dream of the double carousel, the amusement park background is rich in color, this is the most suitable place to take pictures of happy Valley.There are many items in the dessert kingdom, and children can play in this area.There are family roller coasters, cake swings, sweetheart flyers and more.To learn more, please follow the happy Jin Xiaoyu