Candlenight will be quick and practical!Cloud racing against time to get off to a good start

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Candlelight night will get fast for real county open “red” in the first quarter job advance will hold a late February 16, held a “good start” advance will work in the first quarter, yunxiao county comprehensive implementation of the county party committee work conference and “industrial development projects GongJianNian” conference spirit, mobilize the county around the target task, grasp early, quickly, emphasizing, the courage to succeed and pragmatic as,We will make a good start to the work of the first quarter and make a good start to the work of the whole year.County party committee standing committee, deputy county magistrate Lin Jincai requirements – to improve understanding, enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency.According to “to month by month, quarter, with JiBao years”, highlight the priorities and seize the key link, refinement goal task, a clear division of responsibility, careful arrangement, a driving force to achieve the first “good start” and resources to achieve in the first quarter “start”, firmly implement and deployment and requirements, to do economic work in the first quarter,Ensure a “good start” to the first quarter.We should focus on key points and do our best to accomplish all targets and tasks.We need to strengthen monitoring of major economic indicators, and refine, quantify and specify all our work to the point of monthly, monthly and weekly accuracy. We need to make every effort to get off to a good start.We should pay attention to investment and project construction, promote investment by grasping the progress, and promote warehousing in the early stage.We will help key enterprises, resume work and production, accelerate the development of new businesses, and actively release favorable policies.To clear responsibility, change the style of work, so as to achieve practical results.We need to strengthen monitoring, strengthen oversight, and change our work style. We need to take extraordinary measures and efforts to do a good job in implementing all our work to ensure a “good start” for the first quarter and lay a solid foundation for achieving the targets and tasks for the year.Deputy county chief Tang Yongjian arranged the deployment of industrial and information technology indicators in the first quarter of the “red start” related work, county statistics, hair and reform, industry and information technology departments around the main economic indicators in the first quarter of the “red start” put forward suggestions.Reporter: Tang Jinmei