It’s good to have a mother!An 80-year-old woman in Heilongjiang province got an even bigger surprise when she gave her son lucky money

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Where mom is, there is a family.This is the feeling of many Chinese people. As long as there are old people in a family, the whole family, men and women, old and young, no matter how far away, will try every means to go home for the Spring Festival. After all, the Spring Festival is a festival for Chinese people to reunite, and it has greater symbolic significance.Therefore, unless forced to, otherwise the general people will be in the Spring Festival before the arrival of home reunion, happy together a reunion of the holiday, not why, is to see their closest relatives, is also a happy thing.Recently heilongjiang yichun is such a touching thing, an old lady, at a family reunion dinner time, take out the money, send money to a full man, everyone is one hundred yuan, some man has more than sixty, but they are very happy to explain the old lady’s New Year’s money, received a moment of New Year’s money, the men of good mood, a full face of present happiness.But when the old lady sent money to the woman, suddenly took the money back, went to his bag, a lot of people hurried this is what is going on?Don’t you give lucky money to women?But a big surprise in the back, the original old woman took one by one from his own bag bag, the scene to woman, here have a worried woman open on see, is more about laughing, may be happy too, the original bag with a gold bracelet, this well over one hundred dollars worth of New Year’s money, the woman smiled from ear to ear, is really too excited.The woman who got the gold bracelet was very happy. They were surprised that the old lady would give them such a valuable item. They were her daughter-in-law, so it was a great surprise to receive such a valuable item.I have to say, it’s good to have a mom.Mother in, how old are mother’s children.There once appeared on the Internet a woman in her 90s chasing her son in his 80s, very touching, this is the benefit of having a mother.A mother in a family is a treasure.As the saying goes, an old man in a family is like a treasure, which is just such a thing. Therefore, having an old man in a family proves the unity and vitality of the family. Otherwise, it is difficult for ordinary old people to live such a long life.Harmony in a family means the importance of harmony in a family. If a family is united as one, it can overcome no matter how difficult it is.A quarrel in a family is a breakdown of the family, so the lesson of our ancestors is quite right. It is impossible for a family to thrive without a united attitude.Some netizens said that the moment to see the old lady handing out New Year’s money, to see the unity of the family, the family had a happy meal together, everyone smiled, to see the harmonious atmosphere of their family, this may be the reason why the old lady was happy and handed out red envelopes on the spot.There are also many netizens said that the family is so harmonious, see that the family usually respect the old and love the young, it is because of ordinary performance touched people, the Spring Festival we will happily sit together to eat happy reunion meal.There are also a lot of netizens to see such a picture, cried out, lamenting his mother is no longer in the world, but anyway, as parents, if you do your best, the family will have a good family tradition and family training, the family will also embark on a better path of development.Thank you for your trust and company, welcome to forward and follow!(Original is not easy, please respect the original, plagiarism will investigate!)