Legend reached three in February, this year will break through 20, team star yuan announced, Genghis Khan cried

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For the recent online legend quality skin, DO not know whether players have studied, anyway, at present, coupled with the Spring Festival, the official legend of the skin online is really a little more.Although the Spring Festival itself is the best time to skin online, but a strong online legend, for the vast majority of players, can really be some unbearable.Even, according to the current February, in the number of legend skin online, it has reached three, if you add star legend, then the total number is four.In addition to the legend of skin related, not long ago again preheated announcement of the Joe clan star element, the current stage has been fully announced.However, from the clan star yuan announced the moment, Genghis Khan is crying.So, let’s take a look at it briefly.In February online three legendary skin legend reached three in February the main reason is still the official recently announced the new skin of Nu Wa, and this is called the new skin of the day, in quality is the legend of quality, and still belong to the limited level.Naturally, with the sun Ce doomsday mecha and Yao’s Valentine’s Day skin sold a few days ago, in February in the legend of the actual number of skin online, it is up to three.Based on the fact that there were two legends released in January this year, players should expect to see more than 20 legends skins released this year.Because compared with the beginning of last year, this year in the legend of the skin on the line above, is really more exaggerated.Last year, the legend skin online if the star legend is added to the word has to be close to 20, naturally, this year’s legend skin online, according to the current situation, beyond 20 really is no problem.Players, you really have to be ready to like their heroes even if it is extremely cold to go online legend of the new skin.Because Nu Wa so cold hero, the official can have arranged the legend limit, so with her shoulder cold hero, in this year the probability of the legend of the skin is not low.Xiaoqiao clan star yuan fully announced xiaoqiao clan star yuan, because not long ago the official has been online before the preheating, so according to the latest release content, the clan star yuan at this stage has been fully announced.And from the published star element presentation, all aspects are really more ordinary, the presentation of special effects compared with the rest of Joe riprofen unicorn star element, can be said to be a lot of difference.Even so, because the star element was fully publicized, it was a model that could have stimulated the hero Genghis Khan.Because this set of stars is to “Wolf” appearance of the production, and Genghis Khan this hero, in the game is directly related to the Wolf.However, Genghis Khan does not have any skin at this stage except for the accompanying skin.Naturally, the appearance of the Wolf form star was enough to make Genghis Khan cry.By the way, the last thing you need to know is that although Joe’s clan star is not very good, it is more expensive than many good ones in acquiring them.According to the official release, the lone weapon named “The Aww Wolves” in the clan star unit requires 2500 points for guaranteed access.Because this star weapon needs to be drawn by the player through the gift pack, and a gift pack is 50 points, only after opening 50 gift packs, the player can guarantee to obtain this star weapon.Conclusion The legend skin will be online in total this year, as far as the current two months on the line of five, beyond last year to break through 20 is really no problem, but for those who like to collect skin players, it may be a little uncomfortable.Given that there are a lot of better colorful unicorn stars, it is really not recommended for players to get this, because the 2500 points required for the light weapon guarantee can be purchased in the first week after a legend plus epic.Well, that’s all for this time.Friends think this year’s online legend skin will break through 20?Leave a comment below.I’m cousin. You can call me cousin