The 2022 U.S. Undergraduate Engineering School Rankings

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The strength of American universities in engineering has always been very strong, there are a lot of schools, before we published the ranking of engineering graduate schools, but how to choose undergraduate engineering schools?The 2022 US Undergraduate Engineering School Rankings are published by USNews.MIT is ranked number one in the US, times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings.The MIT School of Engineering is home to more than 40 laboratories, graduate students and research centers, most notably Lincoln Lab and MIT Media Lab. Nearly half of the school’s students pursue engineering degrees.Since its founding, Stanford has placed engineering at the heart of its education and research.Moreover, the engineers from Stanford laid the technological foundation for the development of Silicon Valley, and played an important role in information technology, communications, medical care and other fields.Stanford university offers a number of interdisciplinary studies and is highly regarded by students.The University of California at Berkeley is one of the world’s elite public research universities. Its engineering, along with Stanford and MIT, is at the forefront of engineering science in the United States.Each subdivision of UC Berkeley engineering also ranked Top10 in the United States, for example, civil engineering, computer, and EE ranked top 3.When it comes to the academic centers of science and engineering in California, Caltech can’t be left behind.Although it is small, with only more than 2,000 students, it has no less than Nobel Prize winners, Turing Prize winners and Fields Prize winners. Qian Xuesen, the “father of Chinese missiles”, received his doctorate from California Institute of Technology in 1939 and taught here for a long time.Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the three Dali Colleges of Technology in the United States!Georgia Tech is known for engineering, computing, science, architecture, management, and more, and has just published a column about the Tech giant.When you go out when is ordinary people, must be a superman 6, Carnegie Mellon university, Carnegie Mellon university, cultivate a large number of outstanding technical talent, college of engineering have many research direction, such as biological engineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.About CMU: More than Computers!6. University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAlthough UIUC’s overall ranking is only 47, its engineering and computer are really outstanding. This is the difference caused by different ranking standards.The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Engineering has 26 research centers, 10 major laboratories and 9 affiliated programs. It is also home to the U.S. National Supercomputing Center and the Energy Agency’s Advanced Rocket Simulation Center.The university of Michigan at Ann arbor is known as the “public ivy” and its school of engineering, founded in 1854, regularly ranks among the Top10 universities on the list.Cornell College of Engineering offers 14 undergraduate programs and 20 undergraduate minors ranging from Earth and Atmospheric sciences to engineering physics.According to data for the fall 2020 semester, there are 3,162 undergraduate students in the School of Engineering, with international students accounting for 10.5%.Moreover, Cornell is ranked by Forbes magazine as the second most important college in the country for WOMEN majoring in STEM.Purdue University at West Lafayette has long been famous for its engineering strength, which is similar to UIUC. Although its overall ranking is not that high, when it comes to engineering, purdue University has the strength to put a lot of famous universities and even Ivy League universities far behind.My name is Pheasant, but Chinese students love me the most!10. Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin is the most popular major in Austin, Texas, accounting for about 13% of the university.Its school of Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines, including aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil architecture and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical industry, petroleum and Earth systems engineering, etc.Prnceton University13, Johns Hopkins University13, and Virginia techNorthwestern University15, Texas A&M University,College Station15, University of California, Los AngelesUniversity of Wisconsin — Madison19 Rice University19 University of California — San Diego21 Pennsylvania State University, College ParkPark21 University of Maryland,College Park21 University of Minnesota,TwinCities21, University of Pennsylvania21, University of Washington27, Duke University27, Harvard University27 University of California,Davis 27 University of California, Columbus