The whole network thanks to the “Cheetah”, made by the headquarters

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“‘ Thank you Cheetah ‘makes it impossible to get away with a foul.The men’s 1,000m short track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was marred by several collisions and accidents on Sunday night.After reviewing the video system, the judges decided that Ren Ziwei of China won the gold medal and Li Wenlong won the silver medal.After the race, many netizens shouted: “Thank you cheetah”.What exactly is a cheetah?Is it really it that decides the controversy in short track speed skating?The central radio and television reception desk epicenter wide voice of China “news links with a” cheetah “r&d team – the central radio and television reception desk, head of the special equipment department senior engineer zhao, revelation left together with” cheetah “special filming equipment 90 kilometers per hour speed” cheetah “full name” super-fast 4 k orbit camera system “,It is a special camera equipment independently developed by the China Media Group for five years. It is specially used for broadcasting speed skating events in the Winter Olympics. This Winter Olympics is its debut.Zhao Wei said it was called “cheetah” because it was very agile.In winter Olympics speed skating, athletes can reach speeds of 15 to 18 meters per second, or about 50 kilometers per hour. Top athletes can reach speeds of 70 kilometers per hour.The cheetah is designed to reach 25 meters per second, or about 90 kilometers per hour.In addition, “Cheetah” can also accelerate, decelerate and surpass according to the needs of the live broadcast, so as to be more flexible and random capture of speed skating competition in various scenes.Why is there no Cheetah in short track speed skating?Zhao wei revealed that there is only one set of the Cheetah system, which is installed in the Ice Ribbon stadium.The “cheetah” was not used in the short track speed skating competition that netizens paid attention to on July 7.Why is that?Cheetah and its High-speed Track Companion According to the report, the high-speed track system has certain requirements on the field. The track system needs to be installed behind the sponge cushion of the athletes on the outside of the field, and isolation boards should be installed to ensure the safety of people around.However, the short track speed skating venue does not meet the deployment requirements of “Cheetah”. For adaptability and safety reasons, the “Cheetah” system was not installed in the short track speed skating competition.In addition, the referee system and the TV broadcasting system are independent of each other.The referee system will place several cameras on the spot to record key positions on the court or players’ fouls.Referees refer more to images from the referee system than what we see live on TV.What other tools will be available for the Winter Olympics?In addition to “Cheetah”, the technical team of headquarters also developed a set of AI image processing system for the 8K live broadcast system, so that the wonderful moments of athletes’ matches can be presented in the way of “time slice”.8 in the morning, GuAiLing won a third gold medal for the Chinese delegation in the freestyle skiing women’s big platform final broadcast, it is in “time slice” technology, with the help of the audience through the video playback, visually see GuAiLing seemed to have a “degrees”, from takeoff to fall to the ground, multiple posture of fly trajectory in the same picture frames.As an international mainstream media and rights-holding broadcaster, the China Media Group is responsible for broadcasting the opening and closing ceremonies and producing public signals with the world’s leading 8K technology.At the same time, the console also realized the full 4K broadcast of the Olympic Games for the first time in history, and made public signals of freestyle skiing, speed skating and other events with 8K technology. The technology is constantly upgraded and innovated to create the best audio-visual experience.The theme of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is “Building a snowflake”. With full technical support, the broadcast control system team of the Headquarters carefully constructed an augmented reality (AR) live presentation system for the opening ceremony.Virtual snowflakes are made in real time by USING AR technology and played on the big screen at a rate of 50 frames. Only then can we see the millisecond moment of “Yanshan snowflakes as big as a sheet”.Beijing Winter Olympics, the front desk with you to see together to the future!CCTV News wechat official account (ID: CCTVNewscenter) is integrated with Voice of China News Hyperlink and CMG Watch