Zhangjiakou athlete Wang Wenzhuo lit the torch platform in Zhangjiakou competition area wu Weidong zhao Wenfeng he Jianghai attended the torch platform lighting ceremony

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At 10:28 PM on February 4, two athletes insert their torches into the center of the “big snowflake” torch platform at the Beijing National Stadium to light up the main torch platform in The Zhangjiakou Olympic Games area.Wu Weidong, deputy secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, Mayor Zhao Wenfeng, He Jianghai, deputy secretary general of BOCOG and Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee attended the torchbearer lighting ceremony.Cauldron located in zhangjiakou division prince city of ice and snow central plaza of the town surrounding the distribution of prince city high-speed, zhangjiakou awards square and prince city town center commercial facilities, ice and snow is concentrated area, zhangjiakou division visitors also during the Beijing Olympics each customer base location after the focus areas, has a good landscape and broadcasting effect.The design of the torch platform is the same as that of the main torch in Beijing, and it will be retained as a permanent sculpture after the competition. It will not only practice the creation principle of simplicity, excellence and sustainable use, but also serve as a new urban landscape for citizens and ordinary people to share.Zhangjiakou athlete Wang Wenzhuo lit the torch platform in Zhangjiakou competition area.Wang Wenzhuo participated in the 2017 National Junior Alpine Skiing Championship for the first time on behalf of Hebei Provincial Team and won a gold medal, achieving a breakthrough of zero gold MEDALS in skiing in Hebei Province.In 2019, I participated in international competitions with the National Training team, and obtained the first place for China to participate in the World Cup, which made a historic breakthrough.”With the torch in my hand, I feel heavy responsibility and trust.””I am a participant and witness of the development of ice and snow sports in Zhangjiakou. I hope that my hometown can take advantage of the Winter Olympics to promote the further vigorous development of ice and snow sports and let more people participate in ice and snow sports.I wish all the athletes to strive for success and look forward to the future together.Come on!”Liu Xuesong, Guo Xinyao and others attended.(Zuo Wenting, Wang Songping) Source: Zhangjiakou News Network