A Japanese man who has no limbs has cheated on 50 people in marriage, leaving his wife and dating a mixed-race woman again

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Cheating in today’s era has been very common things, but this thing happened in Japan’s national idol Totake Yoko body, many Japanese people are very surprised, what is going on?Originally, Yiwu Yang Kuang is not an ordinary man, when he was born is born disabled.Although compared to others, Ohtakeshi lost at the start of the line, but he was strong, not because of physical defects depressed.On the contrary, he is full of positive enthusiasm, the whole person is wrapped up in positive energy.As his story became known to more and more people, He became a national icon.But when it was revealed that he had cheated on 50 people while married, the national icon was instantly dethroned and turned into a pariah.A, The person back to see the growth experience of The yiwu Yang Kuang, have to let a person sigh: in Yiwu Yang Kuang body, unfortunate and lucky symbiosis.When He was just born, he had no limbs, the doctor concluded that he had a congenital disability, this life can not change, this is the misfortune of His Yang Kuang.The news of the illness threw my father and mother into despair, but they rallied and encouraged themselves to be strong enough to accompany the child when he grew up.Parents are great, they put up with all kinds of hardships to raise Yiwu Yang Kuang, told him not because of physical defects to give up the courage to live.As parents wish, Yiwu Yang Kuang grew up with a very strong attitude.When he was questioned and laughed at for his physical defects, he would remember his parents’ words, which gave him courage to face the negative voices from the outside world.God did not give Totake Yang Kuang a healthy body, but gave him a loving family.In this atmosphere of growth out of the Japanese yamukuo is a very strong and firm person, this is the Japanese yamukuo lucky.His optimistic attitude infected the students around him, with their own personal charm, Yiwu Yang Kuang became the leader of the students.He spontaneously organized school students to participate in public welfare activities, so that he set up a positive image in the eyes of the public.In 1997, He published his first book, Five-Body Dissatisfaction, which details his life and upbringing.He used his own personal experience to tell the world: physical disability can not stop a person from pursuing excellence, if a person wants to brilliant, mountains stand in the way, no sea.In the book, Totake quickly became an inspirational icon in the eyes of the Japanese people, who were moved by the story of a boy who refused to give in to life.This book opened the popularity of Ewu Yang Kuang, but also let him get a lot of wealth and reputation, get certain achievements of Ewu Yang Kuang also at this moment, ushered in his marriage.Two, married to eat, the number of more than 50 people with Yiwu Yang Kuang into the marriage hall son named Renmei.Renmei is The younger sister of Ewu Yang Kuang, two people did not know each other, but the book of Ewu Yang Kuang attracted her.She felt that this senior is very different, he is strong, optimistic, positive, is worth her to pursue the boy.So, renmei put down the concerns in the heart, take the initiative to speak to Yiwu Yang Kuang.For many years to be known for his talkative Yang Kuang in the eyes of outsiders is a very sunny person, so big charm soon let the girl fell in love with this unsound man.Similarly, Yiwu Yang Kuang also very like the smile is full of strength of the school sister, two people and many lovers know each other to love, they decided to go through the rest of life together.After they got married, all the sweetness of the past was gone.Because of His body, Renmei not only to take care of his daily life, but also bear the life of raising her daughter alone.The complicated affairs of life soon make Hitomi feel pressure, but every time she sees her husband and daughter, she rises to persevere.The renmei who works hard and complains is thinking about to pass oneself effort and insist to maintain good this family originally, but what she still can’t think of right now is, his husband has betrayed this family.In 2016, Japanese magazines broke the story of Otakeshi’s infidelity in marriage.In the magazine, Otakeshi travels alone to France and Tunisia with a female stranger.In paparazzi photos, the two appear to be acting very close and clearly not friends.As more and more people bought the magazine, The news of Otakeshi’s infidelity became a national story.In the beginning, Totake Chose to ignore the storm, he wanted to let the storm go away.However, with everyone have denunciation, see can not hide in the past Yiwu Yang Kuang, can only admit the fact that he was derailed in marriage, and say his derailed five people.At that time, his wife Hitomi also stood up to plead for her husband.Normally, their public statements would have been the end of the row, but the Global Times went on to reveal that There were not just five women, but 50 or more, who had affairs while married.A man once regarded as a national icon by the Japanese people has suddenly become a street rat.The tall and talkative image of the sun like gravel collapsed all of a sudden, he is no longer the national heart of the positive energy on behalf of today’s Ewu Yang Kuang is but a street rat everyone shouted.In September 2016, Otakeshi announced that he and his wife were ending their marriage.Three, love again, the object is 20 years old hybrid beauty in two people separated, Yiwu Yang Kuang did not change their style of life, the collapse of the national positive energy idol image, seems to be the key to unlock his romantic life.Otakeshi, 45, is in a relationship with a 20-year-old mixed-race woman.The new girlfriend is a high-quality woman from a very good family. She founded an education company by herself and is only 20 years old now.As for their relationship, the former inspirational icon was told to cherish his hard-won love.Of course, there are people spit on Otakeshi Yang Kuang, that such an age is dragging down such an excellent girl.Either way, it’s a shame that a man who inspired so many people has turned out like this.Of course, human beings are complicated, and perhaps we should not have regarded an individual as our source of upward strength in the first place.