Jiaozuo public security organs held the third level of the police commissioner title and law enforcement vehicles issued ceremony

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On the afternoon of January 29, the municipal public security organs held a ceremony for the awarding of the title of the third level police superintendent and the issuance of law enforcement vehicles.Deputy mayor, municipal public Security Bureau chief Lu Wenming attended the ceremony and spoke.At the ceremony, Lu Wenming issued to the grassroots law enforcement vehicle keys;Newly promoted three levels of police commissioner rank representative, the liberation of the district deputy district chief, the city public Security Bureau of the liberation of the bureau director Zhang Jun, the city public security bureau supervision detachment political commissar Qi Yongli respectively made a speech.Lu Wenming said, the promotion of the police rank, means into the senior police officer sequence;Law enforcement on duty vehicles, is “to the equipment to police to combat effectiveness” action, we should cherish love, cherish the police glory, the law enforcement equipment on duty as a crime, service, the most effective tools for the protection of the masses, do not change his mind, nature is constant, reforming outfit, again at a higher standard, the stronger will to fight, more real style into work,To better shoulder the responsibility and mission of promoting the innovative development of jiaozuo public security work in the new era.He called for taking a clear-cut political stand and following the Party with firm conviction.To cherish the honor to work hard, careful end strong style;To fulfill their duties as an example, stimulate bloody advanced competition;Take care of the police cars and use them efficiently.We must meet stricter standards, redouble our efforts to work, repay the people with efficient performance, and welcome the opening of the party’s 20th National Congress with outstanding achievements.Jiaozuo Daily all media reporter Deng Fan photo reporting ▼ Chief Executive: Zhang Hua Editor: Liu Zhengwen Overall planning: Liang Yining Editor: Zhao Xiaoxiao Review: Wang Yingyan editor: Liang Yining submission email: jzzfwtg@163.com