Why does Chinese men’s football team fail repeatedly without bottom line?The men’s football team reminds me of the danger in China

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On the first day of the first month of the Year of the Tiger, The Chinese men’s football team lost to Vietnam.To be honest, I never watch men’s soccer. What’s the point of losing?But I couldn’t help saying something.There may be many reasons why China’s men’s football team is so shameless.From the football association to the coach to every player, there must be a problem.But what is the core problem?I think defeated in a ‘money’ word, also defeated in a ‘pet’ word!There is too much money in men’s football. The highest annual salary of men’s football reaches 84 million, followed by more than 60 million, more than 40 million, more than 25 million, 18 million, etc. The least one year also has 7 million to more than 5 million.Why do they have to work so hard to get such a large annual salary despite repeated defeats?Why try?There’s no serious punishment for losing. What do they care?Of course they kick lightly and slowly.Men can reform the allocation, change a salary of YueXinZhi incentive system, if from the coach to the players, the salary of ten thousand to 50000 yuan per month, even more can also slightly again, then each into a ball, each team award 5 million or more, or even 10 million, who scored good coaches and proportional distribution of each player on the pitch.Each win will be rewarded according to the importance of the match, and the team who scores will be awarded more.Anyhow, admire by merit theory, take reward by achievement, achievement is poor can take basic monthly salary only.I think, these players must be hard training, hard to play, and the coach will be more and better training players, players improve physical fitness and skills;Better study of strategy and tactics, more study of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and strive to be more flexible and flexible in tactics and technology, so that it is impossible not to improve results.Men’s football lost, also lost in a ‘pet’ word.As bad as they could be, they still have so many advertisers, so many supporters, and so many millions of people watching and loving the game across the country.Like spoiled children, they have everything but the ability to win, so how can they work hard?The men’s national football team does not have a strong, tough and progressive spirit. I think it is a representative and an epitome. They represent the current situation of a considerable number of Chinese young people.From the men’s national football team, I see a kind of worry.When a person is rich, it is easy to lose the spirit of striving upward, many people are lazy, afraid of death, do not want to bear hardships, only know all kinds of enjoyment.When a country becomes rich, if it does not pay attention to the cultivation of the strong spiritual strength of its people, then the country will become fat but not strong, and people will indulge in pleasure.The problem is especially acute among the generation of only children.The day before yesterday, I saw a post written by a mother, teasing her child:’daughter didn’t come back, every day looking forward to her back, but it won’t be back until ten days, I don’t like her, don’t don’t sleep at night, morning playing mobile phone in the middle of the night and feel one day she hasn’t during the day, every day to sleep in the afternoon, only eat a meal, especially at home do some housework, even she won’t wash his clothes,Afternoon cooked rice to the table also have to get up again and again, every time she got up, are a face of impatience, rice to him sheng good, she only eat on the table……’There are a lot of comments on this post, saying,’ We have the same style in our family. Our son is black and white. He sleeps during the day and stays up all night.Hungry a little takeout, enter his room he hoarse roar, only the meal end to his room, he think when eat when eat……’Most of these kids are selfish, disobedient and unable to bear hardships. They play with their cell phones all night, sleep until afternoon, buy the most expensive cell phones, and take taxis whenever they go out.’There are too many jokes like this in the comments.This shows that the generation of only children is not the only one with too many young people who have no self-discipline and are selfish and only pursue enjoyment.The reason for this phenomenon is nothing more than the excessive ‘indulgence’ of his parents, who do everything for him, big and small. He has not developed the habit of being responsible for his own affairs, and has lived a relatively rich life since childhood. Of course, he is selfish, willful and lazy.And now China is not really rich, there are some young people are this trend, then what if the Chinese are rich?If in the future, foreign aggression and bullying China again, they can not fear hardship, two not afraid of death, the courage to sacrifice personal life to defend the motherland?Can we still have a sense of country, a sense of nationality?Still can for the country and the people’s reputation and bloody fight?Such young people, is not like the Chinese men’s football team members?Without a lofty realm and a powerful spirit, one only knows pleasure and does not know how to rise. In the future, who can be expected to defend the motherland?I shudder to think about it!So, I think Chinese men’s football is just a microcosm, and China must be on high alert to prevent the inertia of men’s national football from becoming a widespread epidemic.