‘Metasverse’ out of reach?Come to Xuhui “Genesis” to explore the new digital ecology

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The wave of “meta-universe” swept the world, many enterprises at home and abroad or high-profile or low-key layout of related industries.Economic digitalization is a new bright spot in Shanghai’s innovation and development, and Xuhui District has also stepped on the track of “meta-universe”, exploring the new digital ecology of “meta-universe” in the industrial cluster with artificial intelligence as the core.”We firmly believe that the meta-universe is based on the real world, not a purely virtual thing.”Nreal co-founder Wu Kejian told reporters at a closed-door seminar on the theme of the “meta-universe” held in Xuhui District on January 27 that pure virtualisation would only make people addicted to it, and the feature of the “meta-universe” is to enhance the real world and empower the real world through virtualisation.The deep integration of virtual and reality is bound to put forward higher requirements for scientific and technological innovation and industry promotion.”The metasomes actually offer a new track, a good opportunity for overtaking in a corner.”Qiao Yu, assistant director of Pujiang Laboratory, pointed out at the meeting that perception technology, simulation technology, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality and other elements are building the “meta-universe”, what can “meta-universe” bring?It all depends on the synergy of multiple innovative technologies.It is generally believed that 2021 is the first year of the “metasurverse”, which is still in the conceptual formation stage, and its development needs to be planned in short, medium and long term.Only by building more applications realistically can more people understand and benefit from the “metasomes”.What can the metasverse bring?Liao Yunfa, chief engineer of the East China Branch of the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, believes that the current “meta-universe” is still in the conceptual formation stage. If the information technology changes in the past decades are compared to point-like breakthroughs, then “meta-universe” describes the matrix integration innovation of various cutting-edge information technologies.From the current mainstream point of view, “meta-universe” industrial chain covers a huge and complex industry, network, hardware, software, content and application of each link of the market space is very huge.Xu hui has a good industrial base, industry cluster is conditional to foster “yuan universe”, “yuan” the universe technology integration application oriented, ecological building industry alliance, set up standard system, promote the integration of “production, study and research, with” fusion development, to take the lead in also become the “yuan universe” technology innovation, innovation forerunner area and the main land to develop industry application.The development process of “meta-universe” will play a positive role in the upgrading of local economic structure.Huawei Shanghai representative office of strategy and industry development minister thinks that, xuhui district focus “yuan universe” could be considered by the reality into the virtual, digital infrastructure, 3 d digital engine layout in advance and algorithm, chain block, the next generation computing platforms, such as green energy system uncertainty and high value in key areas, and form a new ecology of the digital economy.Many players are familiar with these games. In the field of game technology, Xuhui District gathers well-known game companies at home and abroad, such as Tencent, NetEase, Miha Game, Qujia Interactive Entertainment, Lilith, Ubisoft, etc.The convergence of these leading companies has led to new chemistry, vibrant innovation in digital content and progressive breakthroughs in key technology areas such as game engines.Among them, Mihayou even proposed the development vision of “creating a virtual world in which one billion people around the world are willing to live by 2030”.Wu Di, vice president of Miha You, told Di that building a “meta-universe” or a virtual world with one billion people is the same as building a city, which requires that the product provide enough content that users can consume for a long time, or provide a mechanism for users to create spontaneously in it.Hu Rui, vice president of Lilith, believes that game is the latest product form from the “meta-universe”, but only when the research and development process is instrumented, automated, online and intelligent, can the virtual environment cover more production and life scenes.Lilith will also continue to accumulate the underlying technology in the “meta-universe”, and better play the positive role of games in the digital economy and the “going global” of Chinese culture.Xuhui District will comprehensively accelerate the development and exploration of “meta-universe” related industries, and fully support the exploration of technology integration and ecological co-construction of various units in the district through the construction of “industrial ecological network” and “energy transmission network”.At the same time, xuhui District will fully release the resource concentration advantages of “medicine, education, culture, entertainment” and other scenes, relying on binjiang digital transformation demonstration belt construction, medical, education, entertainment, shopping, finance and other scenes as the entrance, to create a batch of influential benchmarking applications.Xuhui District also invites domestic and foreign enterprises and teams with advanced technology and active innovation, and welcomes experts and enterprises to actively participate in the construction of digital economy industry ecology in Xuhui District.Excellent Xuhui to the future! Science and innovation Town, ecological New City…Hua Jing’s super IP is unexpected!Excellent Xuhui to the future international Neighborhood center, new benchmark of science and innovation trend……See Caohejing Development Zone to pursue the dream and fly again!Outstanding Xuhui to the future! Top business district, cultural empowerment, beautiful food experience!Witness xujiahui “revitalize” together!Outstanding Xuhui to the future! “Kechuang Embroidery Belt”, Art Palace, Industrial Highland……What other surprises will Xuhui Binjiang give you?Why do these leading enterprises from “0” to “1” rush into Xuhui to seize the new track of “meta-universe”?Source: Xuhui, Shanghai