The world’s first collection of digital New Year paintings will be unveiled on New Year’s Eve

2022-05-07 0 By

Pasting door gods on the Lunar New Year has been a traditional custom among Chinese families since ancient times.For thousands of years, door gods have been holding houses, evading evil spirits, praying for blessings and accepting auspiciousness, which represents the long-cherished wish of the Chinese people for “peace and harmony”.At the beginning of 2022, traditional door gods will be upgraded. The world’s first digital New Year painting “Fire Tiger Door God” will be released globally on January 30, the eve of New Year’s Eve.This collection of the first annual digital New Year pictures in the meta-universe is jointly launched by Appreciation of wei, Yuan Chuan Cultural Expo, Yuan Liu Movement, Academy China, Hou He China, Tencent Security and Vision Digital Cultural Travel New Infrastructure Laboratory (DCTI).Xia Yuanzhao, the designer of “Fire Tiger Door God”, who has won many international design awards such as Red Dot and IF, said that the tiger was regarded as a god beast in ancient China, which means driving away evil spirits with tiger power.Adhering to the quintessence of art with five thousand years of tradition, “Fire Tiger Door God” aims to deliver well-being and protect well-being at the moment of national art revival.Chinese designer salon chairman and founder of the reward is not Jiang Yuntao works for the review: “fire tiger keeper theme is originated from folk custom, the design style of work with popular interpretation of tiger god wham Kong Wu dancing, flame of clever, a warm festival visual language interprets a feats of modern goalkeeper image, is the modern design of the traditional intangible reengineering the beneficial attempt activation.”Digital collections, which are based on blockchain technology and exist in the virtual world, are changing people’s perception of collections.”Fire Tiger Door God” is supported by blockchain and represents the first digital New Year picture of the yuan Universe in the Year of Renyin. It aims to carry on the expression of tradition to the future and change the realistic meaning of commemoration.A limited number of 2,022 digital New Year pictures, each holding a unique code on the blockchain, have become a rare collection that cannot be copied.At the moment of national fashion art revival, “Fire Tiger Door God” is an interesting work for the opening of 2022 for the inheritance and innovation design of Traditional Chinese culture.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Yan editor cui Wei