On Wednesday, the hotspot will have a high and low switching

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Comments Received Tuesday, February 8: High and low switch on Wednesday!1, Tuesday index differentiation, SSE index, SSE 50, CSI 500 strong, CSI 300, Shenzhen Component index, gem weak;This is the result of the weight differentiation of their respective representatives;Banking, insurance, infrastructure, coal and other sectors drive the SSE Index and top 50.New energy falls on shenzhen component index and gem impact.2. In recent months, we have repeatedly emphasized the low valuation of blue chip opportunities, while reminding the new energy sector of high risk, time has verified these logic.3, the current market, capital hedge, defensive stage, is to look for low valuation varieties;In banking, insurance, infrastructure, real estate, etc., there are both valuation advantages and technical oversold + right morphological resonance;Oversold subject stocks, short – term also fall immobile, rebound here is also in line with technical logic.4, low valuation of blue chip, after Monday, Tuesday’s surge, the short term will also be differentiated, into a high and low switching process, we do not go chasing, combined with technology and so on to look for opportunities, do not follow the trend.5. On Wednesday, there will be a switch between high and low. First, insurance, banking and infrastructure are likely to fall from high, while traditional Chinese medicine and industry leaders with low valuation stagflation will have opportunities.Second, the theme of the digital economic plate will continue to fall rebound process;Conclusion: underestimation of blue chip, industry leader is the main line;Then wait for them to reach the resistance zone, the oversold digital economy plate will also turn down;Just do it in rhythm.1. In the short term, oversold and rebounded, focusing on the 10-day moving average resistance. The Shanghai 10-day moving average will be pressed down quickly on Wednesday, which means that the upward resistance will increase.2, avoid high + high valuation of the sector, such as new energy, demon stocks, etc.;Do not touch, any rebound is out of the opportunity, not to participate in these huge varieties.4, On Wednesday, there will be correction after the index strong consolidation, but the stock’s peak switching rebound will continue;After a rotation, you should lower the position in batches.Detailed intraday trading details, trading time intraday text live analysis trading day: 9 o ‘clock before the release of the “Haixi Wolf early review” early review, the close of the “Haixi Wolf” issued close review, early review of the index has bold prediction, close review is the day of disk and hot summary;Publish strategy summaries over the weekend;Welcome to attention: a Wolf in view of the personal level, it is impossible to accurately analyze each time, investors can not make a mark, the article involves a stock and views, for reference only, in order to trade, risk from bear!Think the article is good, praise is the biggest support for the original!