Smooth return to China!A total of 108 members of China’s men’s football team have arrived in Haikou with a new goal of winning the Asian Cup

2022-05-08 0 By

A total of 108 Chinese men’s national football team arrived in Haikou on Thursday night, saying goodbye to the top 12 tournament and preparing for the next goal, the Asian Cup on home soil in 2023.According to the translator of the National football Team, the men’s national football team will leave at noon today, including the national football team and the U23 national football team and the coaching team.How big are the numbers?Horrible 108 people, really is very exaggerated, which the national football team played in the top 12, the U23 national football team played in the Dubai Cup.The men’s football team formally arrived at Haikou tonight, and then entered the base for closed training and accepted the isolation of 14+7. During this period of time, they will not rest, but continue to carry out training. The two teams strive for new goals respectively and strive for the rise of Chinese football.The next most important target for the U23 team is the Hangzhou Asian Games.Coach Jankovic has called for the title, but the team’s performance in the Dubai Cup, the title is not realistic, in the face of the UNITED Arab Emirates team’s double play, the UNDER-23 team is still a little weak.The next goal of the National football team is the 2023 Asian Games and 2026 World Cup!In the local Asian Cup, there is no way for China to retreat, the goal is the championship.Last time, China finished the runner-up in the Asian Cup. This time, they will be aiming for the championship.Of course, the 2026 World Cup, Chinese men’s football team can also start to prepare for today, the first to prepare for 2026 World Cup is not a disgrace, after all, this will be the first 48 teams in the World Cup, There are 8.5 quota in Asia, Chinese men’s football team needs to prepare in advance.